Preservation Homework: Parks and Buildings

This is a continuation of the links I’m posting to help students in a SEMO Historical Preservation class. They’ve been given a list of Cape landmarks to research. It turns out I’ve written about most of them, so I’m going to give them a some background information about some of the parks and random buildings they’re looking for. I posted churches and cemeteries yesterday.

I’m doing a presentation to the class on April 8 where I will tell the students what I do and why I do it. After that, I’ll talk about how I do it. I hope I can get across there is no better way to find out things than to knock on doors and talk with people like I’m doing with The Last Generation project. I won’t swear that I get all the facts right, but you readers do a good job of setting me straight when I’ve miss the mark.

Cape Rock Overlook Park

Old Bridge Overlook Park

 Cape Girardeau City Hall

Indian Park

Indian Park 04-16-2011Louis Lorimier and his Indian cohorts, battling the Americans, captured Daniel Boone.

Houck Field House

KFVS TV Studio/Tower on Broadway

Mark Steinhoff, KFVS-TV cameraman in studio c 1967This story has lots of links about KFVS

Fort D Park

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, Cape Air flight CGI - STL, Lambert Airport



7 Replies to “Preservation Homework: Parks and Buildings”

  1. Wow! Lots of history in these links–some I’ve read and some I haven’t. As soon as I get my own work done today, I’ll sit down and browse through these links!
    Historic preservation is such a fascinating field. I fear for its future in this region, but I’m glad for those who care about it.

    1. John (and Fred, who sent me a private email), I will fix the typo. I’m not sure which course to take:

      1. Blame it on my proofreader, Wife Lila.


      2. Say that I spelled it that way to see if anybody actually reads this blog.

      I’ll fix the spelling and go with Door #2.

  2. i went to Loriemier school from first grade to half of the fourth grade. i loved those drinking fountains,two on each floor if i remember correctly

  3. Definition of HOCK

    1a: the tarsal joint or region in the hind limb of a digitigrade quadruped (as the horse) corresponding to the human ankle but elevated and bending backward — see a horse for illustration.

    b: a joint of a fowl’s leg that corresponds to the hock of a quadruped.

    2a: small cut of meat from a front or hind leg just above the foot. see

    3a: How one ‘hacks up’ … and then propels… a “Luggie”. Sometimes graded for ‘size, distance & arch’. See the Urban Dictionary or “The Memoirs of Magnum PU” for further clarification and demonstration via a Nominated but No-Cigar U-Tube Video.

    1. Mr. Brune, Sir, my spam filter grabbed your post by accident. I have set it free.

      After discussing the matter with you, I am falling back on a third defense of my spelling of “Hock” Field House: that’s the phonetic spelling of the way it’s pronounced in SE MO.

  4. Thank you Ken for finding my “accidentally spammed” contribution to the “Houck vs Hock” discussion. (nice try!!)

    And yes Dr. Steinhoff, adding a third excuse for misspelling Houck is your best defense. The reasons you didn’t think of the “local phonetic spelling” was:

    a. you have been gone from SwampEastMissouri for far too long – loosing your ear for our colloquial pronunciations and “Swamp East Twang”.

    b. when you do visit you only rub elbows with elitist “University, Museum, & Journalism Folk” who are not natives of SE MO. And of course with your dear ol’ Mom – who still speaks in real good Inglés.

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