Delta High School Basketball

Delta High School basketball at Houck Field HouseThese photos show Delta High School playing a team with uniforms that don’t have a school name on them. The assumption must have been that if you bothered to show up for the game that you’d know who was playing. A cheerleader’s sweater in one of the frames has a big “N” on it surrounded by what might be a “D,” which would probably make it Notre Dame.

Beyond that, you are on your own.

Delta photo gallery

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  1. That was definitely Notre Dame. I recognize Jill Smith 1965 graduate. One of the pictures has Tom Poston he was class of 1966. I think one might be Bob Capshaw but not sure about Bob.

  2. Husband Don says that it was probably the 1965 Christmas tournament at Houck. He says 13 is Larry Poston (not Tom, the elder), 35 is Steve Robert or possibly Paul Seesing, and 45 is Paul Compas. Don said overall the junior class of players (1966) had the better players. (Bob Capshaw is mentioned above. He was married to Kate Capshaw before she became Mrs. Steven Spielberg. Their Capshaw daughter is also an actress, I think.)

  3. yes this was likely at the College High Christmas tournament. it was sponsored by college high every year during the Christmas break. I went to College High. The PEP club printed and sold programs at the tournament, so I was there every night, and often the field house was packed.

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