Paul Kaempfer, 1922 – 2002

Paul Kaempfer at Cape Airport 11-19-1966I could have sworn this photo of Paul Kaempfer ran in The Missourian some time around November 19, 1966, but I couldn’t find it in the Google archives. In fact, except for a couple of short briefs, I couldn’t find much on Paul.

Paul Kaempfer died Nov. 17, 2002

The Missourian DID carry his obituary on November 18, 2002.

Paul E. Kaempfer, 80, of Cape Girardeau died Sunday, Nov. 17, 2002, at Southeast Missouri Hospital.

 He was born June 19, 1922, in Cape Girardeau, son of the late Fred A. and Ruby Barks Kaempfer. He and Betty Waddill were married Dec. 4, 1944, in Kirksville, Mo.

World War II vet

Paul Kaempfer at Cape Airport 11-19-1966 He was a World War II veteran with the U.S. Air Force.

 He was a member of Grace United Methodist Church and St. Mark’s Lodge No. 93 AF & AM in Cape Girardeau.

Worked at Southeast Hospital 30 years

Paul Kaempfer at Cape Airport 11-19-1966

 After working 30 years as plant engineer at Southeast Missouri Hospital, he retired in 1986.

 He was also a member of Cape Council No. 20, Cape Girardeau Commandary No. 55, St.Mark’s Chapter No. 167 OES, Cape Shrine Club/ Moolah Temple AAONMS, and a past member of Cape Pilot Club.

Survivors include his wife; two sons, Larry E. Kaempfer of Cape Girardeau and Jim F. Kaempfer of Gordonville; a daughter, Nancy C. Strauser of Cape Girardeau; a stepsister, Lois Flannery of Jackson; three grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

Garage with graffiti

Paul Kaempfer at Cape Airport 11-19-1966I see some “Larry Kaempfer” and “L.E.K” graffiti scrawled on the wall of the garage, so I’m assuming that’s Paul’s son. You can click on the photos to make them larger.


6 Replies to “Paul Kaempfer, 1922 – 2002”

  1. Gees, Airplanes and Hot rods all in one post! Does it get any better! i remember the car a little, but cannot place the owner of it, now I know. Cool shot of him in the airplane and the outside shot is very fighter pilot like…good work! Wish I could have met this guy. his was of my dad’s generation and bet he knew him.

  2. I remember when Larry was building this, believe it was he started it when we were in High School or had just got out. He had it at his Grandmother’s house in her garage, a block off of Morgan Oak St, Maple St maybe. Don’t know if the house is still there or not with the new bridge being built. Didn’t have the engine in it when I first saw it.

    1. I am Paul’s daughter. The car Larry was working on was at our great grandparent’s home at the corner of Jefferson and Fredrick and the old garage is still standing as is the home my great grandfather Kaempfer built. Larry’s been a car guy his whole life and is now at Wiethop’s body shop. Jim retired after about 30 years also spent at SE Hospital.

  3. I remember the Kaempfer family well. They lived on the corner of Themis and Caruthers back in the day and as boys we played a lot with Jim. I recall he and I getting into a fight on the way home from Franklin School one day sometime in the late ’50’s. I was about 4 foot nothing and too stupid to avoid such foolishness, especially with a kid twice my size. It was just another day arriving home with blood all over my shirt. That said, Jim was a good guy and they were a nice family in the old neighborhood.

  4. Paul’s son Jim is my uncle… I believe I met his father when I was little, but unfortunately don’t remember him well. Looks like he was an interesting guy, for sure.

  5. “yea’your right that is my old hotrod pickup,i got it driveable,but not done !before uncle sam called.and to this day I still have hot rods.not much has changed in my life since the picture was taken.i have the same kind of hot rod I had then,the same hobby,the same kind of job,i even got the same girlfriend…!!man how time flys when your havin a good time !

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