Preservation Homework: Churches & Cemeteries

Aerial Common Pleas Courthouse 04-14-1964Dr. Katy Beebe invited me to speak to her historical preservation class at Southeast Missouri State University last year. Dr. Lily Santora asked if I would come back April 8 to meet with her class.

Dr. Beebe’s class was researching Main Street, so I put together a list of the stories I had done about downtown. Dr. Santora gave her class a wide variety of local landmarks. I’ll spend the next couple of days helping her students by posting links to stories I’ve done about their topics. I’m going to concentrate on churches and cemeteries today. (Maybe I can make up for all those assignments I didn’t turn in when I was a student.)

[Hint to students: don’t just read what I’ve written. The comments are generally more interesting than my copy. Feel free to post questions and comments of your own. My readers are a friendly group who love to share Cape’s history. Click on the photos to make them larger.]

First Presbyterian Church

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Episcopol Church 04-16-2011The church and May Greene Garden

Evangelical United Church of Christ

Crash knocks over sign in front of Evangelical United Church of Christ c 1966Crash damages church sign

 St. James AME Church

NAACP 08-10-1967National NAACP president speaks at church

Fairmount Cemetery

 St. Mary’s Cemetery

St. Mary's Cemetery 04-17-2011_5233Aerial of St. Mary’s Cemetery



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  1. Ken I have a REAL 32 pound civil war cannon ball…Ask if the college wants it. I found it in back of Kent Library circa 1958. After finding it I tried to roll it to home to 1414 Mississippi Street. it was too heavy to carry so, so I kicked it moving it along to the 1st Christian Church , on West End Blvd.,where my Dad picked me up, put it in the truck and took us both home. The Cannon ball made it to Franklin School where it was thrown out of the second story window by Mr. Miller the principal and my 6th grade teacher. Lots of history and fun involved with this piece. Let me know…

    1. I’ve offered it up to SEMO, Altenburg and Athens. Curator Jessica in Athens says she will pass. Said something about not accepting anything from a Hopkins that had been fired in anger and may still be explosive.

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