Traffic Bridge at Night

Mississippi River Traffic Bridge c 1967There’s something magic about shooting after dark. The light bounces around in ways it doesn’t during the daylight hours. There must have been some low clouds the night I shot these time exposures because the sky reflected a lot of the city’s lights.

When you were driving across the bridge, you probably didn’t notice there was a little bit of a curve to it. I shot this photo the same night as this one.

There’s  a lot of steel here

Mississippi River Traffic Bridge c 1967You can see why it was a challenge to demolish the bridge. In one of those strange coincidences, I was scanning these photos on the same day Fred Lynch’s blog carried photos of the 1957 bridge-freeing queens.

St. Vincent’s steeple

Mississippi River Traffic Bridge c 1967You can see St. Vincent’s steeple just barely peeking up at the bottom right of this shot. The exposure was long enough that the tree branches are blurry, but too short for the car headlights to streak all the way across the bridge. (You can click on the photos to make them larger.)


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  1. Way cool shots…teh old bridge was a real treat to drive over too!…but you alwys knew once you crossed the bridge you were home! The new bridge is wonderful and view is even better of the city.

  2. My family moved to cape from Minn. Grandpa was the time keeper for the project. I remember Grandma telling me how every fri he would clime and walk to steel handing out the cks the state asked her if she would help to start a welfare system in cape for few weeks till they could get somebody to run it so after 52 years later she retired from her 2 week part job Grandpa Grandma Owen & Florence Hulehan .till this day they are still using some programs that she started.
    I believe it was in 1924

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