Mississippi from Cape Rock

What a difference a few months makes. On April 30, 2011, the Mississippi River gauge at Cape Girardeau read 45.2 and rising. The flood stage in Cape is 32 feet.

When Mother and I drove out to see the new Main Street bridge, we decided to jog over to see Cape Rock. As soon as we went around the curve past the water plant’s goldfish pond, we could see a huge sandbar shining back at us. Barges are going to have to really hug the west channel to make it around the bend at Devil’s Island. (Click on the image to make it larger.)

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  1. Wonderful picture ! Even with the sandbar, which I don’t remember ever seeing (so it must be really low!)
    I always go to this spot which is where we would go to wave at my dad going by on a boat ! Thanks for all you do to remind us of a wonderful place we grew up !

  2. Wow…I am gald your mom is in such great condition,,,it is a pretty good JOG from the bridge to Cape Rock. I hope I am in that kind of shape when in my 90th birthday season!
    Cape Rock is a great place, I alwasy visit when I am in Cape. It never chenges, but there is always the river which changes with the seasons. A great place to be on a clear fall day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks again Ken for another great photo. I never miss a chance to see our amazing river whenever I’m in Cape. I just returned from a trip to the upper Mississippi valley. I had never been up there before and was truly impressed by the scenery and beauty of the river valley. We spent the night in Wabasha,MN and Marquette,IA and I was surprised to find the bluffs and the incredible width of the river up there. There’s plenty to see and do including watching for the many eagles that return each year. Keep up the super job you do in resurrecting our past and reminding us of what a great place we experienced growing up.

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  5. Cape Rock of course was the universal “inspiration point” for dates, however, you brought your own inspiration, so to speak, and the night, moon and water were the backdrop. Cops could always tell when cars were occupied: the windows were fogged up, and they were known to shine their spotlight inside for an uncomfortable period of time, then drive on: Thanks, guys.

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