St. Mary’s Christmas

Missourian caption Dec. 24, 1967: The Rev. Bosco Westrich of St. Mary’s Cathedral presides over Friday night’s observance of the Christmas Novena at the church. At the left, an altar boy departs. The Novena is a nine-part series of Christmas services which will conclude on Christmas Eve. The banners on either side of the altar were made by school children of the parish.”

In honor of altar boys everywhere

The vertical shot was the one that ran in the paper, but I thought I should run this second photo that actually shows the altar boy’s face, even if it’s a little fuzzy.

Speaking of fuzzy…

Wife Lila is back in Cape for a week, so I sent her a message, “We got married in St. Mary’s, didn’t we?”

I probably should have looked up the info.

Her response: “I guess 41 years have dimmed the memory. Yes.”

There are some questions better left unasked.

Exterior photos of St. Mary’s

I ran photos of the outside of the St. Mary’s Cathedral and School back in August if you’d like to see what it looks like today. There’s been quite a bit of construction at the school.

6 Replies to “St. Mary’s Christmas”

  1. Don and I were married in St. Mary’s in 1969. Don remembers muffing his Latin lines as a young altar boy so that he was dismissed and wouldn’t have to serve the very early morning masses–one of his few acts of civil (or is that religious) disobedience.

  2. Ken, have you forgotten the #1 rule of husbands–Remember EVERYTHING about courtship, engagement, the wedding, birthdays, and the kids names. If you don’t remember, get her talking and just reply “Ah yes, i remember it well.”

  3. Thanks for the memories, some good and some not so much. My mother and stepfather were married here in 1967 and the next time I was at St. Mary’s was for my stepfather’s funeral in 1993. It was and may still be, a lovely intimate church. By the way, surely you could have answered the marriage question to Lila some other way . . .

  4. Ronnie and I were married in June of 67 at St. Mary’s also. It is a very pretty old church with the high ceiling and statues. Ronnie also went to grade school there and served as an alter boy for many masses. Thanks again for all the articles you put on facebook. I realy enjoy reading them every day. Keep up the good work.

  5. Ken, unlike you, I will never forget my wedding day, Lord knows I’ve tried! (An old Foster Brooks one-liner.)

    Boy, do Mark and David look like young kids! But as I think about it, David would have been about 17?

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