Old Notre Dame High School

Brother Mark, Mother and I were taking a short cut through New Lorimier Cemetery so we could see if the flowers were still on Dad’s grave. They were. Instead of cutting through Fairmount Cemetery and coming out near the library, I whipped a left to get a mug shot of the old Notre Dame High School. I knew I had some photos of some school plays and other activities, so it would be good to bag something new to go along with them.

As it turned out, the light was really nice on the building this afternoon. What surprised me when I was half-way to the entrance was all the graffiti on the front of the building. And, it looked old. Surely this wouldn’t have been allowed to stay there when I was in school.

On closed examination, though, it was a mural or artwork. The drawing styles were different, but the line thickness and spacing indicated they had been done by the same artist. I did a quick Google and Missourian archive search, but didn’t come up with anything that would tell when it was done or who the artist was.


I was also quite taken by the simple Madonna on the southeast wall.

The Notre Dame High School web site has a good summary of the history of the school.

Notre Dame was also a target in the notorious toilet paper wars of the 60s, but this particular stunt went sadly wrong.

Notre Dame High School photo gallery

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  1. Do you know if there are any plans for this beautiful building, Ken? I suppose since it’s in Cape that it will eventually be torn down.

  2. Part of it is being used by St Vincent’s Church and the rest is leased to SEMO University for storage. That’s the latest I’ve heard.

    1. Thanks for the info. Sorry to hear about the latter.

      As soon as a building stops being used for active purposes and is converted to storage, that’s usually the kiss of death.

      Maintenance goes down, little leaks go unnoticed, the property is perceived as being less valuable, then it becomes a parking lot.

  3. Ken, I wonder how many of your readers were introduced to “Green Eyes” in the Notre Dame Cemetary.

    If you were in car at night, southbound on Caruthers from Dunklin, and you reached the intersection of Caruthers and the drive that angles northeast/southwest from Dunklin to Caruthers, if you would look to just to the left of Caruthers ahead, you would see two green “eyes” on the side of a grave stone. That phenomenon was used to scare people who might be inclined to be superstitious. The phenomenon no longer exists.

    The scientist in me came up with the explanation for the phenomenon to my less intiated friends; in the right spot on Caruthers looking south, the angle formed from that position to the gravestone aligned the only two polished surfaces on the north side of the gravestone with a street light that was in the 1800 block of New Madrid Street. That mercury vapor light was slightly skewed in the light spectrum to green.

  4. Being a member of the ND class of 1980, it is sad to hear that as well. I spent 4 good (mostly) years in that building. Lots of memories

  5. Loved seeing the pictures of my old High School. Would love to tour sometime. I graduated in 1968. Hope to get together with classmates this fall.

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