Crosses I Remember

Bald Knob Cross near Alto Pass, Ill. taken in the late 1960sEaster Sunday is a good day to look back at some of the crosses I’ve photographed over the years. We’ll start off with an aerial photo of Bald Knob Cross in Illinois at Alto Pass. Here’s how the photo was taken (and saved in the darkroom).

Bald Knob Cross from the ground

Bald Knob Cross c 1967Here’s the cross from the ground.

Ft. Jefferson Cross at the Confluence

Ft Jefferson Cross 11-20-2015The Ft. Jefferson Cross at the Confluence in Wickliffe is pretty at night. By the way you CAN make the images larger by clicking on them.

Cape LaCroix Creek marker

Cape La Croix Creek Cross 04-21-2011 The Cape LaCroix Creek marker has been a rolling stone looking for a home.

Old Lorimier Cemetery grave marker

Old Lorimier Cemetery c 1966 01When I took this photograph in the mid-1960s, the angel in the picture had wings and arms. She was vandalized twenty years later.

Elder B.A. Armour in 2013

Bishop Armour from New Madrid Baptism series 11-20-2013Elder B.A. Armour’s faith is as important to him today as it was when I photographed him baptizing people in the Mississippi River off New Madrid in 1967.

New Madrid baptism

New Mardrid Mississippi River baptism 09-03-1967Elder Armour is on the left, and J.C. Pullen is on the right. The congregants marched from the Church of God in Christ church, through downtown New Madrid, and down to the river.

St. Mary’s Cemetery

St. Mary's Cemetery 08-30-2015I photographed this cross at St. Mary’s Cemetery twice – almost exactly 48 years apart.

Judas got a raw deal

Kenneth Saunders of the Church of Judas walks through Cape 07-16-1965Ken Saunders, a British citizen, walked across the country trying to convince people that Judas really wasn’t a bad guy. He liked what he saw of Missouri.

Dutchtown Cemetery

Cemetery on top hill in Dutchtown 10-27-2011This old wooden cross is in the Dutchtown Cemetery on a ridge overlooking the slowly diminishing community below it. The dead outnumber the living.

St. Vincent’s Church at sunset

St. Vincent's Church at sunset 07-03-2012I was really planning to shoot Fourth of July fireworks, but St. Vincent’s Church at sunset caught my eye.

Crucifix came over with the Saxons

Altenburg Trinity Lutheran Church 11-08-2011_7588This Crucifix in Altenburg’s Trinity Lutheran Church, was made in Oberammergau, Germany, and came over with the Saxons in 1839. The Last Supper was installed in the altar in 1938.

Guardian Angels Catholic Church

Guardian Angel Catholic Church in Oran 02-03-2013The Guardian Angel Catholic Church in Oran is one of the most ornate houses of worship in the area.


Angel with a Broken Wing

Old Lorimier Cemetery c 1966 01I ran across this yellowing print from the Old Lorimier Cemetery that I must have taken around 1966. You can see the an angel with wings and an upraised arm to the left of the big tree. There’s a tall monument to the left of it that has a cross on its top. Both of those grave markers would be vandalized  about twenty years later.

Click on the photos to make them larger.

Mamie Lee Lilly

Old Lorimier Cemetery 04-12-2011Mamie Lee Lilly was an 11-year-old girl who died Dec. 30, 1893. The March 22, 1989, Missourian reported that Terrell Weaver, Old Lorimier Cemetery’s sexton helped to piece together the apparent solution to a cemetery crime. More than 50 tombstones were vandalized the previous August. Police who served a search warrant at 129 South Lorimier recovered a damaged angel, a tombstone and a stone cross, which Weaver helped trace back to Old Lorimier.

Two men and a woman were suspects in the vandalism, but no charges had been filed when the story was written.

Made of hand-sculpted Italian marble

Old Lorimier Cemetery 04-12-2011The angel, Weaver said, is made of hand-sculpted Italian marble. He thought the 100-pound cross belonged on top of the 10-foot-tall monument for the Albert family to the left of Mamie Lee. “I climbed up there yesterday and tried to feel the top,” he said, but the only way to be sure would be to fit the cross to the monument.

Old Lorimier Cemetery has about 2,000 tombstones. “Over the years, probably 90 percent have been vandalized,” Weaver was quoted.


Last Gasp of Fall Color

Tree off Warner Ave Scott City 11-08-2013This fall wasn’t as colorful as last year. In fact, it felt like it came and went in about two days. Here’s a small collection of photos I did manage to grab. Most will have just an overline telling you approximately where the picture was taken.

The first shot was taken off the new Warren Avenue extension over Ramsey creek in Scott City. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

Old Lorimier Cemetery

Old Lorimier Cemetery 11-01-2013

Gordonville cornfield Cornfield next to Gordonville cemetery 10-30-2013

Old McKendree Chapel

Trees at Old McKendree Chapel 11-03-2013A lot of the big old trees on the Old McKendree Chapel grounds have fallen victim to old age and storms, but it’s still a beautiful and peaceful place.

Leaves on Apple Creek

 Leaves on Apple Creek 11-03-2013

The last time I was looking over the old Old Appleton bridge, a gaggle of teenyboppers were jumping off it.

Trail of Tears Marina

Leaves at Trail of Tears State ParkOK, I cheated. I ran this before, but I like it well enough to show it again.

Illinois pumpkins

Illinois pumpkins 11-25-2013_1131

Looks like not all the pumpkins sold out for Halloween.

Old Lorimier Cemetery

 Old Lorimier Cemetery 11-01-2013



Graveyards Are for Old People

Old Lorimier Cemetery 04-12-2011

Graveyards should be reserved for old people. We shouldn’t be burying grade school kids. I don’t feel like writing anything tonight. And, please, spare me your political rants.

This was taken in Old Lorimier Cemetery in the spring of 2011. You can click on it to make it larger.