Graveyards Are for Old People

Old Lorimier Cemetery 04-12-2011

Graveyards should be reserved for old people. We shouldn’t be burying grade school kids. I don’t feel like writing anything tonight. And, please, spare me your political rants.

This was taken in Old Lorimier Cemetery in the spring of 2011. You can click on it to make it larger.

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  1. I agree, Ken, today is not a day for politics. We are all shedding tears of grief for those babies and adults who won’t see tomorrow.

  2. Oddly, at times like these, I think of the children on the K thru 8th school bus I drove a few years ago. Such great memories and such a positive influence in my life. I then imagine the influence those taken too early must have already had on their family and friends. It softens the hurt I have when trying to understand what can’t be understood. I am so grateful that I got to meet “my kids”.

  3. I think these killers are after more than vengeance, are more than crazy, but have been indoctrinated to divide us as a country. I believe Jared loughner was indeed crazy, but somewhere at the base of all that were the rantings of a wing-nut fostering hate for society/government. So he took my congresswoman from me, forever.

    Unfortunately this is political.

  4. There will always be nut jobs to ruin a good day. I too feel sad for all the unlived potential sent to an early grave. Enough said…

  5. Sad days for these people today. Much prayer is needed for these families and our nation. The people buried in the cemetery in your photo is filled with people who loved our country and wanted a better life. Michael and Marie Dittlinger, my 3rd Greatgrandparents are buried there. They came from Germany and he fought in the Civil War to defend their new life and country. If only people would go back to the values they held, our country would get back on the right track. God Bless America and most of all, America Bless God!

  6. Begging Ken’s forgiveness, I felt compelled to respond:

    Our world is broken due to all of us and everyone that preceded us. It has been such since not too long after it started. Until it comes to an end, evil remains in the world, but God has provided the solution, a gift to us because he loves us. That is what the Christmas story is all about.

    In the mean time, we pray that he will send us helpers that will comfort and guide the hurt to him, until our final respite returns.

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