Color Finally Arrives

Leaves at Trail of Tears State ParkI was surprised at how little color there was this year as I’ve driven across the country. It wasn’t until last week around Louisville that reds and yellows started popping up.

We had a serious storm (tornado sirens and the whole deal) blow through Cape a couple of nights ago, so I thought most of the leaves would be blown off the trees before they had a chance to show their stuff.

Just the opposite happened: it was like the wind slapped the trees around and woke them up that winter was coming. Mother, Curator Jessica and I meandered all over the place Saturday afternoon, marveling at the changes that 48 hours had made. Jessica ignored my “are you kidding?” look and decided we should climb out on the breakwater off the Trail of Tears State Park marina. Click on the image to make it larger.

I’m glad we went. The sun kept popping in and out of the clouds until just the right combination got stirred in.

We’re on our way to St. Louis in the morning so she can hop on a plane back to Ohio and her husband and cat. I won’t tell you which one she seems to have missed more.

I’m sure we’ll stop along the way to appreciate even more color. Stay tuned.

4 Replies to “Color Finally Arrives”

  1. The leaves are turning, you are all Trail of Tears Park on the breakwater there, and we get ONE picture. Well it one more picture than I have of leaves turning down here in Florida.

  2. I hope you do post more fall photos. Normally we are not in Cape during spring or fall so I had looked forward to seeing a glorious fall when we made a trip to Cape two weekends ago. No go. I shouldn’t complain since it has been colorful in Auburn this past week. Still, fall leaves in Missouri (at least in memory) win out over fall leaves in our area of Alabama.

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