1967 Cheerleaders

1967 Central High School cheerleaders

I’ve been working on a non-Cape project, so you’re on your own to put name to the faces of the 1967 Central High School cheerleaders. (You can click on the photo to make it larger.)

I don’t have a copy of the 1967 Girardot, and I don’t know if the photo ran in The Missourian, so I didn’t have a quick way to ID them.

Older cheerleader posts

(The posts, not the cheerleaders are old.)


Nancy Gerecke was quick to provide the names: from left Mary Hirsh, Debbie Baker, Brenda Parsh, Pam Beard, Jane Dunklin, Chritie Seabaugh

Someone else pointed out that Brenda Parsh had been murdered. I remember that very well. Brother Mark and I rigged up a panic switch that Mother could push that would set off an alarm loud enough to alert the neighbors if she heard someone trying to break in. The murder went unsolved for 31 years. You can read the details in The Missourian.


Cheri Pind

Cheri Pind c 1965A couple of Cheri Pind portraits were on the roll with Tom Holt and his grilling extravaganza. I mostly knew Cheri as a cheerleader, which put her in a whole other social league. Since I didn’t exactly know them, I sort of categorized them.

Anne Buchanan had a classic beauty. Joni Tickel was the All American Girl Next Door who could look good even in those hideous gym uniforms.

Cherie had a twinkle in her eye that always said, “Go ahead and dare me.”

Sassy then, sassy now

Cheri Pind c 1965

Her bio in the Class of 1965 20th Reunion captured her sassy spirit. “Cherie does not work and never will, if she can help it.”

“My hair was beautiful”

Class of 1965 Senior Party May 15 1965

“Let me state that I thought my hair was beautiful in high school, but since, I have heard talk about it,” the bio continued.

Here is a photo from the Class of ’65 Senior Banquet. The Missourian’s caption read, “Miss Cheri Pind just realizes that she is the one being described in the class prophesy being read by Chuck Dockins and Steve Seabaugh at the Senior Banquet Tuesday night in the Central High School cafeteria. Jim Stone, background, seems relatively unimpressed.”

Cheerleading skirt not too short

Central High School Cheerleaders collect money for March of Dimes 1963

“I have terrific memories of high school and classmates, and I did not think my cheerleading skirt was too short!” she said.

As a male, I would have to agree with Cheri.

Cheri was the second from the left in this photo of the cheerleaders collecting for the March of Dimes in 1963. Norma Waggoner is, alas, keeping us from being able to judge the length of Cheri’s skirt.

Dancin’ in the parking lot

Teen dance in bank lot 8-21-64 2Cheri was one of the dancers to set the floor of the Teen Age Club on Spanish bouncing so much a city inspector shut the place down. Dancin’ feet gotta dance, so the action was moved to the bank parking lot at the corner of Main and Broadway.

Miss Pind is the girl facing the camera in the middle. She shows up in other photos of the parking lot dance.



Plaid Shirt School Uniforms?

Cape Central pep rally 09-09-1966I stumbled across this shot from a Central High School pep rally. I didn’t want to put a name to the cheerleader, but I notice a “67” on the C on the front of her sweater, if that helps you narrow her down. (You can click on it to make it larger.)

The photo was taken Friday, September 9, 1966. I know that because the next frame over was of a fatal car crash at the intersection of I-55 and Hwy 61 intersection between Cape and Jackson. It’s one I remember well. Too well, in fact.

I never come to that stoplight without looking both ways before pulling out, even if I have the green.

Detail, details

Cape Central pep rally 09-09-1966I blew up the image on the screen and started looking for details in the crowd. The first thing I noticed was a handful of girls wearing handmade Tiger spirit badges made out of construction paper. That’s a dead giveaway that they were probably freshmen.

As I scrolled down the row, I was going to comment about how loafers were the shoe of the day, but I didn’t see a single penny in any of them.

That’s when spotted what had to be the unofficial school uniform for boys: at least 10 of these guys were wearing plaid shirts. I don’t know if it was a coordinated effort (knowing guys, I doubt it) or a coincidence.

The pep rally must not have been too successful because Saturday’s Missourian said “Lean Chicks Take Advantage of Tigers’ First Game Mistakes.” The Blytheville (Ark.) Chicks defeated the Tigers 27-13 in Central’s opener at Blytheville.


Now Beautify Central (NBC) Week

Now Beaufiy Central (NBC) Week 04-29-1967Barrelling Along: Centralites “barrelled” along this week, planting shrubs, cleaning seats and picking up litter as part of NBC (Now Beautify Central) Week,” read the caption on The Missourian’s Youth Page April 29, 1967. “Busily painting the school’s trash barrels are, from left, Jim Froemsdorf (committee chairman), son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Froemsdorf, 1619 Schivally; Gene Feuerhahn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Feuerhahn, 1721 Perryville road, and Rommie Holland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Holland, 1509 East Riverside.

Planting shrubs

Now Beaufiy Central (NBC) Week 04-29-1967One guy digging, one guy thinking about digging, one guy supervising. The sign, by the way, was a gift of the Class of 1965. I pushed for something more academic, like books for the library, but we ended up with a sign that disappeared after a relatively short number of years. Young whippersnappers should note the absence of any air conditioning units sticking out of the windows. When it turned hot, we studied hot. Fortunately, only freshmen had to chop wood to warm the classrooms in the winter.

Scavenger hunt

Now Beaufiy Central (NBC) Week 04-29-1967These students are on a hunt for any salvageable pieces of gum stuck to the seats. The group in the back appears to be hot on the trail of a good piece. The foreground students seem a bit less enthusiastic.

Cheerleader tryouts

Central High School cheerleader tryouts 04-29-1967

I must have walked through the gym during cheerleader tryouts because it’s on the same roll as the NBC photos. That might be PE teacher Ellen Towse on the right. The man in the middle might be Calvin Chapman.

The picture is pretty much unremarkable, but I DO sort of like the shadows on the floor.

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