Class of ’65 Senior Banquet

The caption for this photo that ran on The Missourian’s May 17, 1965, Youth Page read, “Miss Cheri Pind just realizes that she is the one being described in the class prophesy being read by Chuck Dockins and Steve Seabaugh at the Senior Banquet Tuesday night in the Central High School cafeteria. Jim Stone, background, seems relatively unimpressed.”

Photo Gallery of photos that might have been better lost

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  1. I’m with Jesse and Bill East on this one…if we had one (class of 66′) my invite, with Jesse’s and Bill’s must have been lost in the mail…although looking at the photo’s of the “fun” maybe just as well.

  2. I to am with Jesse,Bill,and Terry that we didn’t have one as well. I figure it was because (Wedge) Lorberg was nailed in one of the pics for smoking IN THE SCHOOL. I recognize Les Carlton, Danny Barks, Jim Lorberg, and Jerry O’Connell in that one.

  3. Maybe the excitement my Class of 65 felt at our Senior Banquet explains the low level of participation in class reunions.

    You know that you could never top that experience, so why try?

    Can you imagine what it was like for Mr. Wilferth and the other faculty members? We just had to go to one of these. They had to go to years and years of them.

  4. i worked with a person who graduated in 1965, her name was sandra sides. she was a over the operating room at john cochran veteran’s hospital and taught nursing at harris stowe. sadly sandy died last if any of the remaining members of the class of 2965 remember,i wanted them to know of her passing.

    1. Here is a link to Sandy Sides’ obit, thanks to Stephen Cotner. It has a photo of Sandy.


      Sandra was a graduate from St. Louis Municipal School of Nursing and St. Louis University School of Nursing where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She received a Masters in Education and Counseling from the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Sandra was employed at the St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center for 36 years. For many of those years she was the Operating Room Nurse Manager and Supervisor. She retired in 2006. She was an instructor in various Health Care Programs for MAs, CMTs, LPNs, OR techs and RNs. Sandra loved caring for geriatric patients and was employed by several nursing homes in the St. Louis area.

      Sandra was a member of the Socratic Professional Nurses since 1980. She held several offices in the organization. At the time of her death, she was the Vice President of the organization.”

  5. I remember that 66 had one. Miss Sadler was the speaker. Some of us guys pulled out cigars to smoke and that was frowned on by the administration. Bob

  6. Is that not Gene Bryant, the music director at CHS, in the background with arms folded and suit and tie?
    Anyone remember?

  7. I don’t believe ’66 had one of these Senior banquets. Probably a good thing… as I remember this is the event that got Hahs and Feldmeyer kicked off the baseball team by Coach Brinkhoff…. for smoking a cigar.
    a….h…..h. good times!

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