Cheri Pind

Cheri Pind c 1965A couple of Cheri Pind portraits were on the roll with Tom Holt and his grilling extravaganza. I mostly knew Cheri as a cheerleader, which put her in a whole other social league. Since I didn’t exactly know them, I sort of categorized them.

Anne Buchanan had a classic beauty. Joni Tickel was the All American Girl Next Door who could look good even in those hideous gym uniforms.

Cherie had a twinkle in her eye that always said, “Go ahead and dare me.”

Sassy then, sassy now

Cheri Pind c 1965

Her bio in the Class of 1965 20th Reunion captured her sassy spirit. “Cherie does not work and never will, if she can help it.”

“My hair was beautiful”

Class of 1965 Senior Party May 15 1965

“Let me state that I thought my hair was beautiful in high school, but since, I have heard talk about it,” the bio continued.

Here is a photo from the Class of ’65 Senior Banquet. The Missourian’s caption read, “Miss Cheri Pind just realizes that she is the one being described in the class prophesy being read by Chuck Dockins and Steve Seabaugh at the Senior Banquet Tuesday night in the Central High School cafeteria. Jim Stone, background, seems relatively unimpressed.”

Cheerleading skirt not too short

Central High School Cheerleaders collect money for March of Dimes 1963

“I have terrific memories of high school and classmates, and I did not think my cheerleading skirt was too short!” she said.

As a male, I would have to agree with Cheri.

Cheri was the second from the left in this photo of the cheerleaders collecting for the March of Dimes in 1963. Norma Waggoner is, alas, keeping us from being able to judge the length of Cheri’s skirt.

Dancin’ in the parking lot

Teen dance in bank lot 8-21-64 2Cheri was one of the dancers to set the floor of the Teen Age Club on Spanish bouncing so much a city inspector shut the place down. Dancin’ feet gotta dance, so the action was moved to the bank parking lot at the corner of Main and Broadway.

Miss Pind is the girl facing the camera in the middle. She shows up in other photos of the parking lot dance.



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  1. I saw Cheri recently when I was in Cape. She hasn’t changed a day. Still cute, tiny and bubbling over.

  2. No, the bottom picture #12 is not Cheri, both have whit blouse, but this girl’s is 3/4 sleve, Cheri has full long sleve. also the girl in 12 has different hair. Don’t think she’s anyone from class of 65. Cheri is in several, including next to the last (#11). She’s just over the right shoulder of boy in foreground in plaid shirt.
    11 minutes ago · Like

  3. Now that you have brought it up. I thought the girl behind Norma Wagoner looked like Toni Starkweather…Am I wrong?…the more I look …the more I think I’m right!!!!

  4. The dancin’ in the parking lot photo are girls in the class of 1967. On the right is Jane Davis and the girl on the left with her eyes closed is Barbara Seabaugh.

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