Anne Buchanan

I don’t know if I shot this photo of Anne Buchanan or not. I have the negative, which would make me think I did. On the other hand, the exposure and lighting are better than what I was generally capable at that stage in my career. Still, even a blind hog can find an acorn from time to time. Maybe I got lucky.

I’m not exactly sure why the photo was taken. If I had to bet, I’d bet that it had to do with that big trophy she’s holding. What’s odd is that it has a car on it. I didn’t know Anne well enough to know if she was a car racer, collector of special cars or what the trophy was for.

That’s the Anne I remember. Every hair in place, a friendly smile and a look that says “I know I’m going to photograph well, even if the photographer IS a klutz with a plastic pocket protector.”

Anne as a cheerleader

She and the other cheerleaders are collecting for the March of Dimes in 1963. Anne is on the right.

The 1965 Girardot Senior Directory listed her activities: Secretary of the Tigerettes; Silver Spear ’62 1-Act Play; French Club; Girardot Business Staff; President of Homeroom; Cheerleader; Psychology Forum; National Honor Society; Football Queen Candidate; Senior Queen Candidate; Library Assistant; Red Dagger, Talent Show.

The Class of 1965 grows smaller

When I had lunch with Terry Hopkins and Pat Sommers the other day, we played the usual game of “I wonder what ever happened to…” They shocked me by reeling off a number of our classmates who won’t be showing up for the next reunion. Sadly, Anne’s name was on the list. I hope they were mistaken. It’s hard to think of someone as vibrant as Anne Buchanan not being around forever just like she was captured in the lead photo.

Ronald Dost and I went to school from kindergarten through Central High School Shortly after we graduated, his was the first obituary I wrote of a contemporary. Gary Schemel was the first of our classmates to die in Vietnam. When I went to the Class of 1961’s 50th Reunion, they had a moving video of the 40+ members gone from their class.

The sand, it appears, is running out.

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  1. This is a great shot of Anne Darby Buchanan…she was my next door neighbor in Cape when I lived at 1414 Mississippi Street. Anne Darby and her brother Richie lived at on the Southeast corner of Mississippi and West End Blvd. Their house faced West End Blvd. and now have circle drive in front.
    She was a year older than me so she was in the goddess catagory for younger boys like myself. We all knew who they were and marveled at their goddress like ways…but they never realilized we walked on the same earth as them…and we really did not, come to think of it. We were just smelly young boys looking at Goddesses.
    I remember Jackie and Marilynn Knehans with Cheri Pind in their Mercury Station wagon pulling up and honking the sorority honk and jetting Anne off to exoctic places only we boys could dream of…I still can hear the honk at times late in the night.
    Sadly Anne did pass away several years ago in North Carolina, all the details escape me now, but we all were saddend by her passing and young age. She did have that beauty that is timeless, beauty in her teens and just as beautiful in her adult years.

  2. Ronald Dost was my debate partner and my first friend to die. It really hit me hard- a lesson in my own mortality.

  3. Ken, great photos, as usual! Terry, great memories. I remember Anne, and her friendly smile, but didn’t know she was no longer with us. We need to remember to make the most of our days!

  4. I would love to know the names of all the cheerleaders, I know Norma Wagoner,Cheri Pind, Marsha Harris, then Ann Buchanan..The other names have left me. can any one help me with their names?

    1. I am guessing here but the girl 3rd from the left looks like a Shivelbine. Kay Shivelbine was in my class of 68. I don’t remember if she had an older sister. The girl in the middle looking down looks like Joni Sue Tickle? Some of the other faces are familiar but I can’t come up with any names.

    2. The 1964 Girardot lists the Varsity Cheerleaders as B. Blue, S. Martin, J. Ebaugh, C. Pind, N. Wagoner and C. Rawlings.

      The Substitute Cheerleaders were J. Knehans, J. Crites, A. Buchanan, J. Earley, M. Harris and J. Tickel.

      I can match some of the faces and names, but I let someone better tuned in than me put them in correct order.

  5. Cheerleaders from left…Norma Waggoner, Cherie Pind Jackie Ebaugh, Marsha Harris,Johnnie Tickel,Jackie Knehans, Carol Rawlings, Bunny Blue,Sandee Martin, Anne Buchanan. Sadly, Carol and Anne have both passed away.

  6. Ken–
    Good work as always
    Anne and I had world history together and sat next to each other
    I was mascot for football and Anne taught me some of the cheers so I could help the cheerleaders
    Of course I practiced them during classes that year

  7. Ken,
    You have struck a nerve.

    When I found out that my inseparable best friend from my 10-year-old world had died, one of the brightest, warmest rooms of my childhood went dark and cold.

    I would say: Imagine Saturday after Saturday, 2 or more 4th/5th-graders walking unsupervised (!) down West End Blvd to Broadway, Broadway to the river, then back again – – but I’m sure you don’t have to imagine it, merely remember your own similar stories.

    This kind of news has the power to truly blindside you, and make you grateful for what you had, as well as what you’re still around to recall.

    Thank you for this posting.


    1. Thanks. Send it to, if you would.

      I’m not sure I WANT to see it. I was showing Bill Hopkins a bunch of old pix and it was really depressing to see all those fresh faces followed by “Dead, dead, dead.”

      That darned Grim Reaper doesn’t slow down, even if we do.

  8. Gail, cold you email list to me also. Ann was age and very good friend. We had a lot of classes together. Thanks. Ken

  9. Gail, I’d like a copy if you will. I subscribe to online SE Missourian and My sisters Martha Hamilton (Tom’ class of 65) and Jeannie Hinck often pass news along, but I don’t always get updates. Thanks Anola

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