Tom Holt Grilling Hints

Tom Holt grilling chicken c 1965Frony shot most of The Missourian’s food features because Mary Blue, who wrote most of them, was organized and worked well in advance. Most of my photos were spot news, self-generated features and assignments that popped up at the last minute when Frony wasn’t available.

Frony must have been out of pocket when it came time to shoot classmate Tom Holt from the Central High School Class of  1965. Tom and I had classes together and even went on a double date at least once, but we ran in different circles: he was a jock and I was a debater who had a plastic pocket protector.

Baste that chicken

Tom Holt grilling chicken c 1965I guess basting is what he’s doing. See, my cooking skills are severely limited. Wife Lila said the other night, “You know you’d starve if I got hit by a bus.”

Not exactly denying it, I said, “I think I could survive. I mean, I have my cookbook to fall back on.”

“Your cookbook?” she asked, giving me a quizzical – OK, unbelieving – look.

“Sure,” and I reached under the kitchen telephone and brought out a stack of carry-out menus.

Every great cook has an assistant

Tom Holt grilling chicken c 1965

I don’t know who Tom’s assistant was. Somebody will have to fill in the blank.

These pictures suffer from overdevelopment in the darkroom. When you’re dealing with a contrasty situation like this, you should expose for the shadows and cut back on the developing time to reduce the contrast. I got the shadow part right, but I left the film in the developer a minute or two too long and caused the highlights, like the assistant’s shirt, to block up.

I couldn’t find the date when the pictures ran in The Missourian, so I can’t pass on Tom’s cooking tips.

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  1. Looks good, what is he cooking? You say chicken, but I would like a third party ID on the stuff on the grill. I know you don’t know food and I don’t either so some else needs to ID this for me. Thanks in advance to Ken’s readers.

    1. Here is a Facebook message from Victoria Holt Courvoisier: Well, you got my attention since the grilling is my yard of yesteryear and the grilling is on my father’s “homemade” barrel. My brother, Tom, was quite good at grilling back before he became a vegetarian. And that is my brother, Charles, acting as his assistant in the last picture ( class of 69). I’m not sure I was born yet.

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