Jackson Cheerleader Clinic

1964 Jackson HS Cheerleader Clinic 12

In the summer of 1963, I was working for Dad’s construction company unloading trucks, chopping weeds with a scythe in the hot, hot sun and doing other unpleasant tasks.

In the summer of 1964, I was working for The Jackson Pioneer covering dull stuff like county commission meetings and … cheerleader clinics. I was pretty much sure which career path I wanted to follow.

“Yell Along with Herkimer”

Our sister paper, The Advance Advocate, ran the same photo as The Pioneer on September 2, 1964, but had a longer cutline:

“Approximately 400 high school cheerleaders from throughout the Southeast Missouri district, including nine cheerleaders from Advance High School, attended a special clinic Tuesday in the high school gymnasium at Jackson. The clinic, sponsored by the Missouri High School Activities Association, was directed by L.R. Herkimer, executive secretary of the National Cheerleaders Association.

“The Advance cheerleaders are Linda Croy, Kathy Rhodes, Sandra Ward, Judy Croy, Jill Jenkins, Linda Holland, Stephanie Strobel, Sondra Harnes and Sharon Sims.

Speaking of cheerleaders, does anyone have any idea who these girls are?

Cheerleader clinic photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger (but, please overlook the dust spots), then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery.


7 Replies to “Jackson Cheerleader Clinic”

  1. May be Jackson but I recognize Rob Erlbacher’s wife Joanne (Cape Central) in pic 3 bottom right.

    Also I could be wrong but the main picture in “Jackson High School” the other day looked like Sherry Stiver (Cape Central) sitting on the front steps in center.

    Could be wrong….. usually am… but I have a good eye for recognizing these old pictures.

  2. I wonder why I can no longer click to enlarge a photo?
    The Advance Advocate was your “sister paper”? I’m not familiar with that connection, but it was long before I had any connection with Advance. In fact, I would be graduating from Semo and heading off to teach at that time, I believe.

    1. Let the page load all the way. It should work (works for me).

      If you have been to the page before, you may need to press Ctrl-F5 to see new comments.

      I think The Pioneer may have published The Advance Advocate. I don’t know where or if there was an Advance office. I’ll have to ask Mother.

  3. Hmmm…Cheerleaders…I was majorette kind of kind of guy. I think it was the uniforms, not the music. I can remember, well maybe not, since a couple of the a fore mentioned majorettes read this blog at times. So I will keep my adolescence testosterone filled comments out of this one.
    But a Cheerleader leader with the name of Herkimer and it is a guy, in all white, and bills himself as Jumping with Herkimer did not even raise an eyebrow in Cape in the 60’s probably is the real headline of the day. We were a purer breed in those days.

  4. WOW!!!!! I just saw these pics…….. #13 shows some of my best friends ever. Before moving to Cape I was a Clarkton Reindeer( yes I said Reindeer) cheerleader with these gals. 🙂 Francie C. , Cathy N., Brenda B., Polly B. and Kay C. ……I’ve got to see how I can share this with Cathy and Brenda!!!!! Thanks Ken!!!!!

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