Mystery Cheerleaders

This is going to be one of my mystery posts. I don’t know who these girls are, what they are doing or even what town they were in.

I know that the house they’re practicing in front of is numbered 121. The trees have plenty of leaves, so it must be late summer or early fall, particularly since most of the girls are dressed in shorts. The year is sometime between 1963 and 1967.

Since these girls don’t look like anyone I remember as being Cape Central cheerleaders, I’m guessing that I might have shot this while cruising Jackson for The Jackson Pioneer. Of course, they could also have been from Notre Dame or College High.

Let me know if you recognize anyone.

Photo gallery of mystery cheerleaders or wannabe cheerleaders

(Click on any image to make it larger, click on the left or right side to step through the gallery.)

3 Replies to “Mystery Cheerleaders”

  1. They must be foriegn…(not from Cape)…That was in the days when NO one ventured too far for home and Jackson might as well have been Katmandu. But Ken, my lad you seem to have ranged a lot farther than I did…you DOG! and you never told anyone either!

  2. Mr. Terry, Sir,

    I’ve mentioned before that I worked for The Jackson Pioneer and spent as much time covering Jackson High as Central High. That’s why I logged more time at Wibb’s than Wimpy’s.

    Central guys would always ask me about those “fast” Jackson girls and the guys in Jackson would say it sure must be nice to live in Cape with all the “fast” women there. All I could tell both groups was that the women in both towns were a whole lot faster than me, ’cause I sure wasn’t catching any of them.

    But, if it enhances my image in your eyes, believe what you wish.

  3. I agree with Terry they must be fom Jackson. Wiyh a youner and older sister I should know these chics if they were from Cape.

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