Central Majorettes 1964-65

I may have run one or more of these photos before – it’s getting harder and harder to remember what’s run and what hasn’t. Well, if I WAS going to repeat something, I can’t think of anything better than this. Click on the photos to make them larger.

This is the photo that ran in the 1964 Girardot.

Kneeling: Pam Parks, Ann Seabaugh.

Standing: Becky McGinty, Linda Maddux, Susan Seabaugh, Robin Kratz, Vicki Berry, Della Heise.

Alternate shot of the 1964 Majorettes

The order is slightly different, but you should be able to figure out who is who.

1965 Girardot majorette photo

This is one of those groupings that make it difficult to write a caption. Do you list them by row, by clockwise or do you do what the editor did and punt and just list the names.

Jane McKeown; Gwen Petty; Della Heise, drum major; Phyllis Metzger; Ruth Ann Seabaugh, head majorette; Toni Grose, Nancy Swan.

1965 majorettes in gym

We must have wanted to hedge our bets by taking a second shot inside the gym. Note: don’t shoot flash directly at a shiny ceramic brick wall. The light will bounce right back at you. Somebody must have helped line up this shot. I could have gotten them lined up, but I wouldn’t have come up with that toe-point thing.

Leading band down Broadway

Ruth Ann Seabaugh is in the lead. It must have been a day that warmed up. I see lots of folks in the crowd holding their coats and jackets. The boy second from the left seems to be checking out Toni’s ankles pretty closely.

Other majorette photos

8 Replies to “Central Majorettes 1964-65”

  1. “The boy second from the left seems to be checking out Toni’s ankles pretty closely.”

    I don’t believe ankles would have been what caught my attention…

  2. I would assume that the parade started at Capaha Park and this photo is in front of the old Medical Arts Building. The crowd is really stacked up here and if it was like this the whole route this is a very well attended parade.

  3. SEMO parades were always very well attended. You got there early if you wanted in the front, otherwise you stood in back of 3 or 4 others. Yes, the entire route was usually full. Because there were bands there from all over, lots of out of towners came for the parade, too. The only other parades that compared were Fourth of July in Clear Lake, Iowa.

  4. I also checked out Toni’s ankles and her other obvious attributes resulted in our marriage in 1969. We are amiably divorced now; she teaches 2nd grade, doing well, lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

  5. Ruth Ann Seabaugh was my mom. She passed over a year ago. I love these pictures and was wondering if I could purchase a copy of them.

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