Happy Birthday Little League

Little League Cardinals vs Red Sox c 1964This weekend’s Parade magazine (boy, is IT ever getting thin) offered Three Cheers for Little League on its cover. It pointed out that the youth league celebrates its 75th anniversary on June 6.

I’ve done a bunch of stories about youth league baseball and softball. (I never was too clear on age divisions and the like.)


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  1. Good shot…I was never in Little league…no talent for hitting the ball, or catching it either. I was a minor leaguer with the Marlins playing on the north diamond at Capaha. Go Marlins!

  2. As a former player with the Cape Little League Red Sox, I appreciate your photo selection for today’s post. Coached by Pete Wadlington, assisted by the Sadler brothers. My memory fails me in remembering teammates beyond Dick Wadlington and Larry Don Sadler…maybe Jim Rust? Happy Birthday, Little League!

    1. David Gaither, I played on the Red Sox team when it first started in cape along with Larry & Lanny Barns, Corky Weiss, Bob McNeely. Jim Rust, can’t remember all of the names right now. We were charter members of the first little league teams in cape, great time in my life.

  3. My Little League experience was fantastic. Cory Foster was on the team with Dick Wadlington, Jim Rust, and others, like Cory I can’t remember. I learned to love baseball and still do. Cory, thanks for your comments on many subjects. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Leo Robinson helped Pete Wadlington with the Red Sox and then my Dad and uncle helped after Mr. Robinson stopped. With five teams in each division it gave a lot of boys a chance to play and learn about baseball. Then there was the Babe Ruth League, and Connie Mack League as boys got older they could continue to play. Happy Birthday to the Little League.

  4. Ken, I may not always respond but never fail to see and read your posts. Always interesting, informative and quite a body of work overall. Thanks for all that you share with friends and former classmates.

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