Men Playing Softball

Mens SoftballThere is a lot of softball action going on here: hitting, missing, jumping and anticipating. First Federal is playing somebody with NH on their hats. Having said that, that’s all I know.

These must have been taken after I graduated from flashbulbs to electronic flash because strobes do a lot better job at stopping action than the bulbs.

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    1. That does look like me. But, I have no recollection of playing softball in Cape! Do you think my memory is fading?

  1. Definitely New Hamburg, the Robert brothers were dominate pitchers/players in the league. Pix three has Benny McDowell ’65 on the left.

  2. Images #2 & #9 are Tom Bremmerkamp; image #8 is Kenny
    Scheeter. Think image #7 is Charlie Bertrand (not sure) and image #5 could be Larry Dannenmueller.

  3. In picture #8 above the batter’s head, in the crowd, back row, I see Joanne (Schwepker) Hinkebein (Larry Dannenmueller’s sister in law, Kenny Lindsay, and Ralph Hinkebein.

  4. In picture two, I believe the batter is Ray Craft, also appearing in pic three and pic nine. In picture three, I believe it is Benny McDowell, my classmate of ’64 and also Ray Craft. I played a lot of ball with both guys, whose talents far exceeded mine. Great pictures. Thanks again Ken.

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