It’s All About the Sno Cone

I confused so many people with my photos of what might have been an American Legion / Babe Ruth group shot that I’m going to play it safe. If you can believe the names on the uniforms, this contest was between the Cardinals and the Red Sox.

This Red Sox player is enjoying his sno cone on his way off the field. HE knows what’s important: it’s not whether you win or lose; it’s whether or not you get a post-game sno cone.His mother would probably swear the youngster has a halo over his head, but I can attest to it being the lights on the field in the background.

(Even THIS post has a confusing element: I saw the sugary concoction made from flavored syrup and crush ice spelled “sno cone,” “sno-cone” and “snow cone.” Take your pick.)

Red Sox and Cardinals photo gallery

Here are photos from the Cardinals – Red Sox baseball game some time in the late middle ’60s. Click on any image to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the photo to move through the gallery.

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  1. Lost my subscription when I changed my email address. Can you please add me to your subscription list again? Thanks!

    1. It was undated, but I’m going to guess that it MIGHT have been taken as early as 1963. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 1962. The camera I was using in 1961-62 meant that I had to stand about 10 foot from the batter and rarely shot anything out in the field.

  2. Back row:
    ?? Kent —– Alan Coach Ronnie ?? —–
    Zickfield Taylor Haman Wilton Bohnert Watson

    Coach Lynn
    ?? Davidson

    Front row:
    —– ??? Danny —– ??? ???
    Davie Balsmann Huebel

  3. That post made no sense. I will try again.

    Back row: ??, Kent Zickfield, — Taylor, Alan Haman, Coach Wilton Ervin, Ronnie Bohnert, ??,
    — Watson, Coach ??, Lynn Davidson

    Front row: — Davie, ??, Danny Balsmann, — Huebel, ??, ??

  4. A few years ago at the annual Herndon Festival, I was manning the gates as people were leaving. I was teasing people with little ones, saying that their children didn’t look tired enough to leave.

    As I said that to one mother (whose child was REALLY crying), she said her daughter was crying because her sno-cone had a crack in it.

    I told her she could leave. 🙂

  5. Mark
    I’ll try to help fill in some blanks. it is Little League most of these would be class of 69 -70.
    L-R Dale Wallis-Kent Ziggy Zickfield- Tom Taylot-Alan Hamann-Ron Bohnert -Ron Schlitt- Bob Watson- Lynn Davidson Coaches Wilton Irvin & Bob Taylor
    kneeling -dont know- dont know-Dan Balsmann- Randy Huebel – dont know- Lee Boren. Both coaches coached me in Minor leagues – Royals and of course we all could be found on a ball field at Capaha because a lot of us lived within a few blocks of it. Those were the days.

  6. That was me in the front row. It was the little league championship game. 1961 or 1962. Still have the hat and a large championship patch. Only year I played for the Red Sox. We won the game. It was the best of times.Some of these guys are still in Cape. Mark Ervin is at Schnucks and Kent Zickfield is still on Main Street.

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