Babe Ruth 1965

“Babe Ruth 1965” on the negative sleeve is all I know about these two photos. They were taken at the Capaha Park ball field. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

I hadn’t learned how to deal with big group shots like this yet. Over the years, I learned to say, “If you can’t see me, then I can’t see you.” That helped make sure you could see everybody’s face.

When dealing with boys this age, I’d add one more admonition: “I know every variation of the one-finger salute. If I see any, I won’t bother trying to retouch it out. I’ll just kill the photo and be more than happy to explain why to your coach, your principal and your mother.” I, obviously wasn’t experienced enough yet to deliver that speech to this group.

A closeup view of the trophy shows an American Legion shield on it.

Formal group shot

The boys in the formal shot were a little better behaved.

Other photos of the Capaha field


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  1. Senior Babe Ruth All Stars….. we went to the state tournament and lost in the final.

    Bottom L to R

    Bruce Hueble, Greg Flaker, Larry Johnson, John Brandt

    Kim Godwin, Steve Boyd, David Proctor, ??, Mark Stuart, Robert Edwards

    Coach Hueble?, Mark Kirkpatrick, Pat Godwin,
    Van Riehl,

    Larry Caldwell, Greg williams, Ron Bohnert, Coach Calvin Break and Manager Frank Stuart

  2. Top photo: front row of presenters — person on the right is my uncle, Howard Tooke. I think he was the mayor of Cape then.

  3. I think this is an American Legion team, not Babe Ruth. I played Babe Ruth ball and we didn’t have “Cape” team.

    1. I was leaning American Legion because that’s the field they usually played on. The trophy had an American Legion logo on it, too. On the other hand, I had written Babe Ruth on the negative sleeve (not that that means anything).

      I’ll accept whatever anybody tells me.

    2. Ken,
      It was the ALL STAR TEAM. We had two conferences who elected all stars. They then played each other a 2 out of 3 series to designate a winner team. The winner team also could pick a few players from the looser all star team to supplement the CAPE TEAM that then went on to the Mo State Playoffs. Cape won the MO State Babe Ruth Championship in 1964 & came in 2nd in 1965. The team shown here is the 1965 team, but 5 or 6 of these guys were also on our 1964 Cape All-star Team. Brad Brune
      PS: that was a LONG time ago and I am an older Coot whose memory is at times . . . . suspect.

  4. This was not the 1965 American Legion team. I was on the ’65 team with Jim Reed, among others who I can’t recall just now. These guys were all younger than me. Most likely Babe Ruth or Connie Mack.

  5. I knew you would get his name Mark. I knew it was one of those Notre Dame names…LOL….What I’m not sure of is the kif between Larry Caldwell and Ron Bohnert……I think it is Greg Williams…but another look and I’m not sure…??

    Bremermann and Dillingham, it was Senior Babe Ruth as I pointed out in my comment above….I guess you all doubted my memory even though I’m in the photo… LMBO

  6. It’s Dave Halter, not Tom. Also, I believe its Jerry Bohnert in the picture, not Ronnie. Like Ken Dillingham, I thought it was an American Legion team.

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