Night Baseball and Softball

This roll had an interesting combination of women’s softball and what appears to be Kiwanis baseball. I don’t know when nor where they were taken, so give it your best shot.

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Photo gallery of night ball action

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left of right side of the image to step though the gallery. The film was pretty scratched up, so some of the quality is a bit iffy.

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  1. Image 2 of 9 sure looks like Mike Schuette, who died last week in Cape. He sure was a good player and spent many hours playing ball in Capaha park.

  2. i think one of the ladies was daisy cook one of her sons was rob cook not sure if thats how they spelled cook
    pic 9-6

  3. Photo six and nine are of Daisy Koch. Her husband Doug worked at the cement plant I beleive.Might be a wives group of some kind. I’m sure Scott or Rob would know.

  4. #2 is definitely Mike Schuette. #3 is Warren Masterson with Mike in the background, and #4 is Louie Ervin – Warren and Louie two infamous ‘south paws’. Looks like batting practice (at Capaha Park) as they are not wearing all of the uniforms. I’m guessing Babe Ruth or Connie Mack League.
    We are having a wake to honor Mike Schuette at the VFW (on Kingshighway) on MONDAY APRIL 16 at 6PM. Don Call is working on the arrangements and EVERYONE is welcome to attend. We are discussing planting a tree at Capaha Park in honor of Mike and the hundreds of hours many of us spent there with him.
    Mike passed away from complications (probably a blood clot) after receiving a stint for a blockage. Ford & Sons cremated the body and no service was held (at Mike’s request).

  5. The last picture of the catcher stretching to catch a ball looks like SHIRLEY(Luebbers) DRURY. She used to play ball on my Dad’s girls’ softball team in the 50’s. Looks like she continued to play again later as the concrete block dugouts were not there in the 50’s.

  6. The photo is definitly Mike Schuette. What a ballplayer. Mike, could do it all, football, basketball, and baseball and excelled in all three sports. Mike was truly a great friend and will sadly be missed. Definitly should be in Cape Centrals Sports Hall Of Fame.

  7. #2 photo is definitly Mike Schuette. What a great guy as well as great ball player. Mike played football, basketball, and baseball while at Cape Central High and excelled in them all. Mike should be in the Sports Hall Of Fame at Cape Central High School. I was truly blessed to have a friend like MIKE SCHUETTE.

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