“You’re Kidding, Right?”

I just looked at the calendar and saw that it is May 4. That’s the day that my old chief photographer John J. Lopinot always sends me a message that says, “Never Forget,” referring to the killing of four students at Kent State on that date in 1970.

I almost forgot.

I’ve always been amused at this photograph of a student offering sandwiches and drinks to a highway patrolman who was called in when students conducted a sit-in at Ohio University’s administration building over an increase in student fees. His good-natured expression seems to be saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me if you think I’d eat something you made.” His fellow officers seemed to be less good-natured. This picture was taken in January 1970. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

A look back

Here are some of the earlier stories I’ve done about the era.

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  1. Ken, it is great to see a new post to your blog after a long dry spell! I was starting to worry.

    I guess it is easy to take things for granted until they are no longer available on a regular basis. I’m sure I’m not the only person who looked forward to the quasi-daily dose of Cape (and sometimes other) history, trivia, and humor. We’ve missed you. Thanks for all the great work you’ve put into this blog over the last few years.

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