Roadtripper Shari

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Before I started this blog, I had Kid Matt said, “You’re always picking up strays along the road, why don’t you do bike tours?” Well, that lasted until the first time half a dozen riders of various abilities and attitudes showed up (and they weren’t strangers, they were friends and family). I decided I wasn’t cut out to herd cats, so I concentrated on writing about rides and reviewing products.

Jan got to feel cold

Jan Norris Athens OH 01-23-2013_0671

It looks like THIS blog is turning into a touring group. I got to introduce Jan Norris to cold weather and Old Man’s Cave in February.

Anne got to sing with Elvis

Anne Rodgers at Mollyville

I hauled Anne Rodgers from Florida to Cape this summer. (Jan and Anne were both newspaper colleagues and bike partners).

Now it’s Shari’s turn

My first high school girlfriend, Shari Stiver, flew into town Tuesday afternoon to spend a few days in Florida before heading back to Cape with me. Wife Lila shot the photo at the top of the page of the two of us listening to Friend Jacqie Jackson perform at the Tides in South Palm Beach. The ocean and a huge lighting storm way out at sea are in the blackness behind us.

I’m not sure, but that may be closer than Shari ever got to me when we were dating.

Jessica is next victim

Jessica Cyders Athens OH 02-28-2013_3184My next victim after Shari will be Jessica, the curator at the Athens Historical Society and Museum in Athens. She’s riding from Athens to Cape with me. She says she can’t believe half the stories I tell her about SE Missouri, so she wants to see the place for herself.

I told her Bill Hopkins will vouch for me. (I’ve already cautioned her not to stare at Mother’s arm. She’s sensitive about it since that riverboat mishap.)

I don’t have many pictures of Jessica yet. The best I could come up with is this shot of her trying to convince the cat in the window of the Athens County Board of Elections that the museum would be a better home because it provides catnip breaks twice a day.


4 Replies to “Roadtripper Shari”

  1. I know Jan enjoyed getting to experience that cold weather, but I am SO happy she drew that particular straw. Give me Elvis any day. I’m sure you and Shari will enjoy your coming odyssey. I’ll have a few tips for her Thursday if we all have dinner. 😉

  2. There is nothing like a road trip for fun. You never know what is around the next curve. Have a fun trip Ken and Shari!

  3. ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!….the two most beautiful words in the English language….and does your parole office know you are taking this nice young lady across the state line?
    That was a nice thing you did about warning Jessica about your mom’s arm, no use in having Jessica uncomfortable and always looking at your mom, wondering, “Gee, that is great work on the injured arm. It really does look real.”
    I tried to get me wife to take pictures of me and my girl friend, but it didn’t work out the the same way as your pictures…Lila is a good one.

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