Dog Ate My Homework

1967-01 Miscl 27It was 12:49 a.m. I walked into the dining room and told Wife Lila, “OK, I finished the video I was working on and uploaded it, then I uploaded the photos that Curator Jessica needs to have printed in Athens; I’m going to pop a bowl of popcorn, then unwind with half an hour of TV.”

“I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to tell me you had blog content to proof.”

“Oh, Bleep! I KNEW there was something else. Do you think the readers would believe our dog ate my homework?”

“We don’t have a dog.”

“THEY don’t know that.

Who is that young woman?

1967-01 Miscl 28

So, now that the dog excuse is shot, the burden is on you. Who the heck is this young woman? I don’t have a clue, and neither did the four or five folks I showed the photo to. I’m sitting in the back seat, so it’s not my car. It looks like a small car, maybe even a VW, but I can’t think of a single person who drove a VW in Cape in the mid-1960s.

Pat Sommers and Jim Stone were about the only two guys I ran around with who had cars: Pat had a small Pinto or something; Jim drove cars that came from the dealership his dad worked at.

The gal has a certain cool air about her. She is neither concerned (nor impressed) that I am taking pictures of her.

Your homework assignment

You homework assignment is to name this young woman (with her REAL name. Points will be deducted if you are found to have made one up). Bonus points will be awarded for identifying the car and its owner.

“The dog ate my homework is NOT an acceptable excuse.”

Shooting to tear down my equipment and load the van for a Friday morning departure.

8 Replies to “Dog Ate My Homework”

  1. So, this was around 1965 and this is a teenage girl and she was SMOKING?!? Wow. I’m shocked! She must have been a little on the wild side…

  2. Yes, of course that is sweet Vicki Miller – Connell – McKinney.

    Vicky remarried R.J McKinney after her beloved Byron “Connie” Connell past away several years ago. Their daughter Heather danced with my daughter Allie from the age of 4 through high school.

    Vicky works at Garber’s Men’s store in the town plaza in Cape, and she and R.J. are big SEMO athletic boosters. We sit near them at the basketball games.

    You’ll be glad to know Vicky gave up the dreaded “Cancer Sticks” many years ago.

  3. When I first saw the picture I thought, that’s Vicki Miller. I was in the class of ’64 with her. She was sweet, nice, and so funny!

  4. My reaction before I got past the first picture was Vickie Miller from my ’64 class. Guess my memory is staying with me after all!

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