I Missed my Warriorettes

Okeechobee sunset 10-13-2015I like driving across the country, but this was a duller than usual trip.

All my Road Warriorettes came up with excuses why they couldn’t go with me this time. (What are the odds that they ALL had to wash their hair during those dates? And, how many times do you have to wash your hair, anyway?)

I got a characteristically late start, so the sun was dipping below the horizon before I got out of Okeechobee county. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Florida Citrus Tower

Florida Citrus Tower 10/13/2015I only made it Clermont the first night. The first place I stopped for lodging wanted too much money. It only took a sweep of my headlights to scratch the next joint off my list. I pulled into a parking lot to do a Google search for what my other options were. It happened to be across the street from the Florida Citrus Tower.

This wasn’t the first time I had ogled the tower.

Mississippi River Bridge at Memphis

Mississippi River Bridge - Memphis 10-16-2015I usually take two different routes from Florida to Missouri:

  • Mostly Interstates through Orlando, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Paducah and Cape
  • Cross-country on U.S. 27 through the center of Florida to Marianna, Fla., then Dothan, Montgomery, Birmingham, Nashville, Cadiz, Land Between the Lakes, Wickliffe, Cairo, Cape. Interestingly enough, both route are almost exactly the same distance – 1,110 miles.

This time, I decided to go the U.S. 27 route to Birmingham, then cut across to Memphis and up I-55. That added about half a day to the trip because I pulled into Tupelo at dark and decided to stop so I could drive the rest of the way in the daylight. I mean, why go a new way if you can’t see the countryside? This was slightly longer than my usual routes, but the roads were much improved over the last time I had gone that way.

“Just go”

When I got to the Jasper exit, I called Wife Lila to ask if she wanted me try to find the worst motel we had ever stopped at.

It was well past Cranky O’Clock, with few prospects anywhere near, so I acceded to the requests (demands?) to stop at the first available place, sight unseen. I registered and handed her the room key while I started to unload the car.

She opened the door, turned around and scurried back to the car. “Let’s go,” she said. “Don’t even stop to get our money back, just go.”

She said I didn’t need to search for the place.

5 Replies to “I Missed my Warriorettes”

  1. A beautiful sunset in your picture !So “The Just Go” Motel was not so good ! That happened to us years ago driving to Texas ! We were wore out, stopped at a place late ,I checked the room first,pulled the cover back ,something ran across the pillow ! Ugh ! On down the road we went !

  2. I never walked out after paying…so I guess I am cheaper than Mr. Steinoff. Of course my wife was not with me at the time. No hot water, and warm Domino’s pizza on the bed with two slices missing in the open box. I stayed with the old trick of locked room with chain and ALL my luggage opened and laid out on the floor between me and door.
    I do admit that I have walked up and then…walked out several times in my life, usually because I really do not like the smell of curry when it overpowers you at the door. Otherwise I have stayed at many hotels owned and or managed by the Patel family, which seems to be a quite large family in the Southeastern USA. Like our author, Mr. Steinoff, most of the reasons for leaving at the door, is when I find out what price. Over $50.00 and I am gone!

    1. Mr. Hopkins, Sir,

      For $35, I’ll put up with a lot. Depending on how tired I am and how many other options I have in the next 50 miles, I may or may not take an $80 room. If Wife Lila is along, we might end up in a hundred-buck room, but I get to eat the chocolate on the pillow.

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