Men Playing Softball

Mens SoftballThere is a lot of softball action going on here: hitting, missing, jumping and anticipating. First Federal is playing somebody with NH on their hats. Having said that, that’s all I know.

These must have been taken after I graduated from flashbulbs to electronic flash because strobes do a lot better job at stopping action than the bulbs.

Photo gallery

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Softball Trophy Winners

Softball c 1965This group won a softball trophy in 1965, but I couldn’t read the trophy to see what place it was. I recognize Sally Wright second from left in the front row and Yvonne Askew third from left in the second row. A couple other faces look familiar, but I’m not going to make a guess.

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1963 Faculty Softball Game

From time to time, there’d be student vs faculty ball games, but this appears to be an all-faculty softball game on the southeast corner of the Central High School campus. The negatives were dated 1963. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

That might be Senor Dan Moore, Spanish teacher, pitching.

Calvin Chapman is on third

Debate coach Calvin Chapman is tagging up on third. I don’t know who the other players are. It’s a real high-class game: they’re using a baseball mitt for home plate.

Coach Goodwin crosses plate

Coach Robert Goodwin crosses the “plate,” but it’s hard to tell if he beat the throw.

You can see from my shadow in the lower righthand corner that I’m trying as hard as possible to hide behind the school’s 4×5 Crown Graphic camera. Hiding from Coach Goodwin was something I practiced as often as possible. My ilk was usually beneath his notice, but when he DID notice me, nothing good happened.




Night Baseball and Softball

This roll had an interesting combination of women’s softball and what appears to be Kiwanis baseball. I don’t know when nor where they were taken, so give it your best shot.

Other baseball stories

Photo gallery of night ball action

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left of right side of the image to step though the gallery. The film was pretty scratched up, so some of the quality is a bit iffy.