1963 Faculty Softball Game

From time to time, there’d be student vs faculty ball games, but this appears to be an all-faculty softball game on the southeast corner of the Central High School campus. The negatives were dated 1963. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

That might be Senor Dan Moore, Spanish teacher, pitching.

Calvin Chapman is on third

Debate coach Calvin Chapman is tagging up on third. I don’t know who the other players are. It’s a real high-class game: they’re using a baseball mitt for home plate.

Coach Goodwin crosses plate

Coach Robert Goodwin crosses the “plate,” but it’s hard to tell if he beat the throw.

You can see from my shadow in the lower righthand corner that I’m trying as hard as possible to hide behind the school’s 4×5 Crown Graphic camera. Hiding from Coach Goodwin was something I practiced as often as possible. My ilk was usually beneath his notice, but when he DID notice me, nothing good happened.




11 Replies to “1963 Faculty Softball Game”

    1. You notice, though, that Frony’s shadow doesn’t show evidence of hiding. Now that I think of it, Frony was never an shrinking character under any circumstance.

  1. I looks like Coach Gene Estes trying to tag out “Goody”.
    Notice the even now popular Chuck Taylor Converse All- Stars most are wearing.

  2. In the last picture that is Ralph Ford holding the bat while “Goodie” scores. Ken sat behind me in that class that was the first time I met him.

  3. In the second picture the guy batting looks like coach Bixler to me, my Tennis coach. He passed away a few years ago. I agree that I think my Geometry teacher was built different. Didn’t Mr Ford have thinning hair? He also wore glasses.

    In the bottom picture I agree that it is coach Gene Estes with his back to us and Coach Goodwin running the bases. Coach Estes was still slim and trim, the last time I saw him a few years ago. It’s amazing to think this was taken forty nine years ago. They look like kids to me now. 🙂

  4. Ken, if by chance anyone has pictures of the “68” Graphic Arts class I’m sure Vogelsang would be interested. We might have done art work for that year’s faculty softball game.

  5. Vogelsang may have covered the “68” faculty game announcement as part of the Graphic Arts class if he were conscious.

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