Birthday Season #92

Mary - Mark Steinhoff 10-17-2013_8605October 17 marked the high point of Mother’s extended Birthday Season, which kicked off way back in August when Steinhoffs from Oklahoma, Florida and Missouri stopped in. Mother is showing Brother Mark a letter she got from a hearing aid company offering her a discount on a hearing aid. “I thought you guys were getting together to buy me a hearing aid.”

Still has the lung power

Mother-and-CandlesShe might have candles on her cake representing 92 years, but she can still puff them out with a single breath of air. Click on the photo to watch her blow out the candles. (This is a fairly large file, so it might take a little while to load.)

We were going to fill the cake with a full 92 candles, but the firefighters in the station across the street saw the delivery truck from Acme Birthday Candle Company pull up and intervened.

Other Birthday Seasons

Mark - Mary Steinhoff 10-17-2013_8591

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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Steinhoff -and may you never need that hearing aid! God’s Blessings to you. Mary (Lewis) Schaefer

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