View of Seminary Lost

Site of handball court at St. Vincent's Seminary 10-17-2013Wife Lila wanted to go to the Mississippi River overlook that used to be the traffic bridge. Along the way, we saw that not only had the historic handball courts been demolished, but that the beautiful view of the St. Vincent’s Seminary was also being lost. Sorry for the quality of the photo: it was the wrong time of day to shoot in that direction.

This is what you used to see

River Campus 10-20-2008 First handball court west of the Mississippi RiverThis nice, peaceful green space is what used to welcome you to Cape when you crossed the bridge.

Here’s what is going up

Site of handball court at St. Vincent's Seminary 10-17-2013You’ll never know what the old seminary looked like from the south side. Let’s hear it for SEMO’s historic preservation program.

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  1. I am in Cape this week too. One of my brothers and I drove around south Cape and around town. The road coming off the bridge split south Cape in half, makes it easy to get to 55 but has made a mess of that part of town. Progress is not always good for all the people sometimes but no one will remember what we think about it in a hundred years. It will be like the past wars fought, history and why did that happen. By the way I was driving past the Esquire show this week and some people were working on the front of it. Looks a little cleaner now.

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