2011 Birthday Season Party

Saturday night, we held a 90th Birthday Season celebration for Mother’s friends and family. This gallery of photos is probably of interest mostly to the folks who were there or people who know us. I promise we’ll get back to more general interest stuff soon. There are some good stories in the pipeline. (Thanks to Son Matt and Brother David for shooting some of these.)

Birthday Season Photo Gallery

Click on any image to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to move through the gallery.

7 Replies to “2011 Birthday Season Party”

  1. Ken,
    Your mother looks much the same as she did years ago–some people just never age! Tell her Happy Birthday!

  2. She looks great,I see her in the yard alot I go by her house every day after I pick up my grandkids from school. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAM !!!!

  3. The pictures are wonderful and it is heartwarming to see the family and friends enjoying a moment with a magnificent lady.

    1. I’ll pass your best wishes on to her.

      Mark, David and I were talking about our Uncle Hubert a couple of days ago. He was a lot of fun. It’s a shame he was taken away so early. I could have used some Uncle lessons.

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