Those Are SOME Cheerleaders

Male cheerleaders at CentralI’ve shot scads of cheerleaders at high school, college and pro games. Every organization must have used different qualifications. Some girls were picked for looks; some for popularity; other for spirit; others for athletic or dancing ability; others must have been daughters of community movers and shakers. This group must have been selected for having the hairiest legs. (Click on the photo to make it larger, if you dare.)

It was taken at Central High School, but I don’t know what the event was. I see people from the classes of 1964 and 65, for sure.

Better looking cheerleaders

If you need to wash your eyes out after looking at that photo, here’s a selection of other cheerleader photos and stories.’


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  1. That’s the annual student-teacher basketball game. I was a cheerleader for the class of ’66 version of the game. This must be the class of ’65 version. They started the annual event. It was a very successful class fund raiser. The bleachers are packed.

    The criteria for selection in this case was: football player who was not good enough to play in the basketball game.

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