Class of ’65’s Cool Table

Members of Class of 1965 meet for lunch 07-06-2013Terry Rose Crowell came in to Annie Laurie’s Antiques where I was hawking Smelterville: A Work in Progress and Snapshots of Cape Girardeau on First Friday. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that select members of the Class of 1965 meet for lunch on the first Saturday of each month at BG’s Old Tyme Deli and Saloon. (“Select” means anybody who shows up.)

Marilyn Dudley Seyer

Members of Class of 1965 meet for lunch 07-06-2013I hoped this might finally be my chance to set at the Cool Table, something that always seemed out of my reach when I attended Central High School. My odds were enhanced when Brenda Bone Lapp posted on Facebook that everybody usually fits around one table. It was hinted that table dancing was known to transpire. In fact, I was told confidentially, it was Marilyn’s turn this month.

Such gyrations much have occurred when I went out to the car to switch out camera bodies because it didn’t happen in my presence. I did notice a glow on Marilyn’s forehead (ladies don’t sweat), so I might have been gone longer than I thought.

Carolyn Lee Barks

Members of Class of 1965 meet for lunch 07-06-2013When I commented that I felt a bit outnumbered at the table, I was told that guys have been known to show up; Jim Feldmeier, in particular.

There was a long discussion about how women were discriminated against before Title IX, but how things are getting better. We talked about how spring sports got the short end of the stick because of early yearbook deadlines. There was also a debate about whether girls participated in track and field sports in our day. I couldn’t remember shooting any.

Susan Valle Perry

Members of Class of 1965 meet for lunch 07-06-2013Talk turned to Cape’s movie theaters, particularly the Rialto, which was owned by Carol Klarsfeld’s mother. Carol got all the money deposited in the penny scale in the theater, something I didn’t know. We longed for the days when you could get Black Cherry soda out of the soft drink dispenser in the lobby. Popcorn, at a dime a box (or with real butter for two bits) was a real profit center. The box, which cost a penny, was the most expensive part.

Accounts of Carol shenanigans became a major topic of conversation. It’s a shame Carol was taken from us at an early age by breast cancer because I’m sure she’d still be doing crazy stuff as a grandmother.

Pat Wright Vogelsang

Members of Class of 1965 meet for lunch 07-06-2013Birthday cards, some of which were AARP-Rated were passed around. I blush easily, so I tried to avoid reading the insides, but they made me do it. This is a rough crowd.

Pat Wright Vogelsang is vamping for the camera while Susan and Marilyn are looking through some of my old Cape photos in the background.

Donna Eddleman Mason

Members of Class of 1965 meet for lunch 07-06-2013

We talked about favorite teachers (Miss Sadler for English and Grace Williams for math), best pizza (Tony’s) and best steak (Wayne’s Grill), the fact that The Missourian always referred to women by their husband’s name (Mrs. Joe Smith, not Mrs. Jane Smith or Jane Smith) and how few kids back then drove their cars to school.

All in all, it was a pretty good day at the Cool Table. They were nice enough to score some books and calendars and even paid for my iced tea. If I had just been around when Marilyn rocked the table, the day would have been perfect.

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  1. This was ALMOST as good as being there…seeing these beautiful faces of friends. Thank you, Ken, for coming through once again with something that so touches my heart! I am glad that the Girls of 65 bought your tea and let you sit at the Cool Table today! I hope to be there in person one of these days.

  2. What a treat getting to see the faces of some of the people on our 1960s Tigers Newsletter email list. Since I was in the class of 1961, y’all are KIDS and I didn’t know many of you. Thanks, Ken, for the photos!

  3. Wish I had known about it earlier ’cause we were in town. Didn’t see Ken’s post until evening. Maybe next time we’re here.

  4. Wow, Ken you did score BIG this time, as an underclassman we were not even allowed to look at such lovelies…and got got to sit at the same table with them!
    We have class of “66” group that meets for lunch and they allow the men folk, and they come in wast numbers. From the look of it they looked like they were having a good time, even if you were there.

    BTW: Women were not a part of the Track squad…at least until 1966. I was around and they weren’t, I would have noticed…as a sidelight, I went to see Norris Johnson (Hi Barbara) and he was helping out the track team at the NEW JR. High ( Old Central Track). The girls and boys were all practicing and running in groups, distance people, sprinters, and field people. It did look funny or strange to me, because there was no way a girl would have beaten me in in the sprints they were running that day before a meet, but maybe things are different today, or she maybe was just that good!

  5. Glad you could join us and hopefully you will come again. Anyone from the class of ’65 is welcome to come and enjoy the ‘cool table’.

  6. I graduated in 1971. As far as I can remember there were no girls’ sports, outside of intermurals, while I was in high school.

  7. I’ve sat at that table with those precious high school girlfriends and loved every minute! A special hello to Carolyn & Susan, Pat, Donna, Terry and Marilyn. Hope to see you soon!

  8. I will try to schedule my next trip to be there for one of the meetings. Don’t suppose you could consider having a meeting near Cincinnati, Ohio, would you? I haven’t been home much since Mother passed away a year ago, but need to come and help my sisters. Maybe October.

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