Peeling Paint Photos

When Son Matt found the photo of Paul Lueders that ran earlier, he also stumbled across some of his frames of a subject I’ve been looking for. I’m going to see if anyone can remember where this mural existed. (Don’t cheat and look at the filenames.) You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Horse-drawn fire engine?

It’s hard to tell with a lot of the pieces gone, but it looks like it might be a horse-drawn fire engine. The Dalmatian and the guy in a uniform (in the closeup at the top) send me in that direction.

I’m still looking for my film from this shoot. It’s gonna be in the bottom of the last box I pull out.

Other Cape murals

City Hall / Lorimier School

Dr. Herbert’s office (clown mural not shown, but talked about)

Lutheran Church mural on building that may be torn down to make parking lot.

Sharon Sanders Blog

I frequently send you over to look at Missourian photographer Fred Lynch’s blog,  f/8 and Be There. Well, another Missourian writer has launched a blog: Sharon Sanders, the paper’s librarian. She just published a touching tribute to her father, who died at age 94. If you like my stuff, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her column. Rumor has it that it’s going to run on Thursdays. Leave her some comments so she feels appreciated. It’s lonely when you’re first starting out and you don’t get feedback.

I had lunch with a young staffer last time I was in Cape. My advice to her was, “get to know your librarian. She can make you look a lot smarter than you are, help you flesh out stories or even give you enough info to write one without heavy lifting on your part.” I never met a newspaper librarian who didn’t love to go digging in what we used to call “The Morgue” for you. I envy Fred for being able to turn to Sharon for help researching his photos.


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  1. Ken, The mural of the horse drawn fire engine is actually a mural of the Anheiser-Busch beer wagon. The wagon is red and the drivers wear green uniforms. The dalmatian rides between the drivers and the rig is an 8 team hitch (8 horses).

    The team is still showcased at the Cardinals home opener and other events.

  2. The Old St. Francis Hospital and the new Hospital both have a BEER theme. When my dad was in the hospital this spring, each night for dinner he got two Budweiser long neck beers. These were delivered by the regular staff and were even iced in a bucket for your drinking pleasure. I have been in hospitals around the world and this was the first time I had ever seen this…So finding the Budweiser Clydesdale’s on the wall of the old St. Francis is not too surprising. All hail the KING of BEERS!

  3. I remember being in the old St. Francis hospital around 1960-61, when my boyfriend/husband-to-be cut his finger off at Southeast Lumber Company. The hospital was right up the street. It was run by the nuns, who wore habits back then and were known to confiscate the patient’s cigarettes. I wish they had been more effective; my husband might not have died of pancreatic cancer at 56, if he had taken their advice!
    I don’t remember the mural, which must have been a beautiful piece of work!

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