Paul Lueders

After I ran the piece on Lueders Studio the other day, Son Matt sent me a message that he was pretty sure he could put his hands on a photo that he had taken of Paul Lueders after he had taken Matt’s photo (below). Indeed, he did. After the formal portraits were taken, Mr. Lueders gave us a tour of the studio and sat around talking shop with us for about an hour.

This portrait of a Master Photographer, taken by Matt when he was about 15, does a great job of capturing the informal, laid-back style of one of the best photographers I’ve ever known. He’s relaxed, surrounded by his work, and his hands are a blur as he gestures to make a point.

Photographer Matt

Matt and his brother, Adam, are decent shooters. Both won national awards in Boy Scout photo contests and local competition. Fortunately, their geek genes were stronger than their photography genes and they decided to pursue photography as a hobby, not a profession.

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  1. Thanks for running the pictures of Paul Lueders. He indeed was a master portrait photographer. He studied art at Washington University in St. Louis, so he had a feel for great portrait paintings and the use of light. Notice the portrait directly behind his head. The lighting is very similar to a famous Rembrant self portrait.

    Paul was an inspiration for me and through the encouragement of art teacher Edna Haman and Paul,I too attended Art School at Washington University.

    I went on to become a Medical Illustrator attendind Medical School after graduating from Art School at Washington University. I now am retired and live in Jamaica.
    Bill Poinsett
    CHS class of 1958

  2. What a great picture of him! He not only had an artist’s eye, but he also knew how to deal with the people he was photographing in order to get them to relax, so he could get the best possible picture.

  3. Paul has been my inspiration to become a photographer since I was a little girl and my grandfather told me about the old family. I found out that he was my grandfathers brother and I new the talent had to be in the genes.

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