Egypt Mills Trinity Lutheran Church

I was roaming around the Oriole – Egypt Mills area with Friend Shari’s mother, LaFern Stiver, last spring. Once we got photos of the places we wanted (I’ll get around to them one of these days), we just rambled.

We paused at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Egypt Mills. It’s a remarkably well-preserved church and cemetery located at 5665 County Road 635, just down the road from the barn I shot with Shari.

Other area churches

Photo gallery of Trinity Lutheran Church

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  1. These are some more great pictures, Ken. Do you have any photos of McLain Church and cemetery? We have many family members buried there and been up and down that hill many, many times in past years, putting flowers on graves on Memorial Day.

    Thanks for always providing us with wonderful photos and stories. You are definitely gifted, and we do appreciate it.

    1. Yes. When Mrs. Stiver and I toured the countryside, we spent quite a bit of time at Indian Creek School and the McLain Church and Cemetery. The church was leaning pretty badly last spring. I hope it’s still standing.

      I’ll post something on all those topics before long.

      Sometimes I sit on stories way too long because I intend to do research on them. I’m going to start posting more pieces like this one that are mostly photo galleries. I’ll depend on folks like you to tell me what you know of the history.

  2. Vickie, McLain’s Chapel is now in the hands of David McLain. He’s thinking about knocking the old church down because of it’s poor and unsafe condition. Ruby McLaird, born 1904, wrote down her rememberances of our families settling the McLain’s Chapel area and building the church. This may be the last year to see the building. It’s unremarkable in it’s archetechture and contains nothing of value.

  3. It is really nice to see the church at Egypt Mills. My parents were married there, and I was lucky enough to have my wedding performed there in 1975. Really a lot of memories all around the church, and area.

  4. Ken, Those are very good pictures of Trinity Egypt Mills. Dick and I transferred to Egypt Mills many years ago from Trinity Cape. We enjoy it very much. It is also near us.Dick graduated from Central in 54.Thanks again! Bunny(College High -55)

  5. Such wonderful pictures Ken! I have been a life long member of Trinity Lutheran Egypt Mills Church. It’s really a beautiful church. My parents, Harry and Marie Heise, were also members there, as is my brother Harry (Bud) Heise, Jr. Folks there know me as Sue or Susie since Sue is my middle name.
    John Hente – are you any relation to Dave Hente who worked at the radio station many years ago?

  6. Hi again Ken I would love to see the pictures you shot of the old Indian Creek School. I spent my 7th grade year there. Also, did you ever get a chance to get pictures of the old school at Egypt Mills? I spent my first 6 school years there. Several years ago, like probably 15 or more, the Egtpt Mills Fire Department burned it down to use for practice. I always hated that because if it had been taken care of and fixed up it would have made into a nice bowling alley and center for the local teens.

    1. They’re coming. I’ve been dragging my feet since I shot a fair amount of video when I was there and I have to decide if I’m ambitious enough to edit it or if I’ll take the easy way out and just put up the stills.

      I won’t forget.

  7. Thanks for this, the photos are great. You really need to go in the church. We remodeled and the windows are bible stories they are gorgous, Wilma Straton made them. My ancestors built the church, so I am very proud of our lil country church.

    1. I usually don’t do much planning. I just stumble around until I see something that catches my eye. A comprehensive piece on small churches is on my radar screen.

  8. The pictures of the Egypt Mills Church are great. That was my home church. My Mom and Dad were married there and I was baptized there. My husband, parents, grandparents and numerous other relatives (because in Egypt Mills, your tree don’t fork..LOL) are buried there and mine is waiting. All made out except date of death. I go out several times a year and it is the most peaceful place around. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous any time of year…especially the Fall. Thanks for sharing, Ken!!

  9. Mine and Girada’s great-great grandfather Edward Gerlach and his brother Theodore Gerlach built this sanctuary in 1880. They were also charter members of the congregation in 1867. Family members have been baptized, confirmed, married & buried there ever since.

  10. Hi again Ken

    Attention John Hente…are you any relation to Dave Hente who used to work at the country music radio station years ago? I used to work there too and wondered what ever happened to Dave. Is he still in the Cape Girardeau area and what is he doing now? Thanks!

  11. Me again Ken I’m wondering about McLain’s Chapel too. Did David McLain have the building knocked down by now? Or is any of it still standing? Did you get to go IN Indian Creek School Ken when you visited there? Who owns that now? There was always a store right there too…is it still there? And another question for John Hente…what was you Mom and Dad’s first names? And did you or some other Hente’s live right close to Trinity Egypt Mills at one time?

    1. I haven’t been out there this trip, Carolyn, but so far as I know, the store and school are still standing and in good shape. I saw a Missourian photo of the chapel where it was leaning to the point of collapse. I’ll try to get by there before I leave town to check it out.

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