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Laurie Everett, owner of Annie Laurie’s Antiques is an extraordinary young woman. I’d say that even if she wasn’t my wife’s niece. We’ve known her since she was a hatchling called Laurie Ann, because the Perry Family decided that one name wasn’t enough. (I’m not going to tell you Lila’s middle name.) I wrote about Annie Laurie’s and some other antique shops on my bike blog in 2008.

Laurie’s third from the left

It was family tradition for Lila to shoot what she called The Picture of Florida sons Matt and Adam with of all the Cape nieces and nephews when we came to town. Laurie’s third from the left and Matt and Adam are to the right of her.

Laurie’s dad, John Perry, taught her to be able to handle herself. There’s a photo around somewhere of her and John with their heads buried under the hood of a jeep fixing it. He taught her how to shoot, which led her to qualify as an Expert when she joined the army.

Family has always been important to Laurie. It wasn’t always about hunting, twisting a wrench and getting her hands greasy. She and her dad shared this tender moment one day. (I’ve been told that no feet were harmed in the making of this photograph.)

Military was “a family thing”

She graduated from Cape Central High School in 1996, after attending Alma Schrader Elementary School. She graduated from SEMO, then decided she wanted to join the Army for the educational benefits, the experience and because “it was a family thing.” Her dad had served in Vietnam.

Laurie was a Military Police officer in the Army. She was stationed in Kitzingen, Germany, but she either visited or was deployed in France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland, among others. Her location in Germany put her within about six hours of most of Europe’s major historical landmarks.

While stationed in Germany, she received her Master’s Degree in Human Relations from, get this, the University of Oklahoma, which had an outreach program there.

“I’m going to date that girl”

One of her jobs was processing new troops, explaining the local customs and making them aware of what they needed to know. One soldier, Rocky Everett, commented to his buddy, “I’m going to date that girl one day.”

Rocky and Laurie were married in Cape on a cold October night in 2003. They have one son, Fletcher, AKA Flea.

“I was ready to settle down”

After she got out of the Army, she said, “I was ready to settle down, and this was a good community. I always liked antiques, so I started to work at Annie Laurie’s.”

When the owner, Mary Robertson, decided to sell the business, Rocky and Laurie jumped at the chance to buy the place. “One stipulation I made to Rocky was that if we were going to do this, we were going to live upstairs.” And, they do.

Antique shop had been funeral home

Long-time Cape residents will remember the antique shop as having been the former Brinkopf-Howell Funeral Home. “Do people ever ask you if the place is haunted?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I just tell them that everybody who came here was dead already, so they don’t need to haunt the place.”

Ranked #1 Antique Store in Cape County 3 years running

Annie Laurie’s has been ranked the Number One antique shop in Cape Girardeau County three out of the last three years.

Laurie’s motto, “Expect the Unexpected,” is one of the reasons the shop has been so successful. She’s constantly changing displays (including the mannequin above, which shows up all over the place dressed in outlandish outfits) to make the place interesting.

Annie Laurie’s for period clothing and costumes

Laurie, who is an adjunct professor at SEMO, teaching marketing, works hard to attract college students with her selection of period costumes and funky clothing. Gail, above, made a convincing witch at Halloween.

Need a wig?

Laurie models the wig she wore for Halloween.

Using the Internet for marketing

Unlike many businesses in Cape, Laurie understands that the Internet can bring in new customers. “You’d be surprised how many of our customers find us through Google,” she explained.

Photographer Michelle Huesen is photographing SEMO coed Rachel Hendrickson in an outfit from Annie Laurie’s for use in promotional material.  Laurie’s also active in Old Town Cape and the Cape Convention and Visitors Bureau and other organizations.

You can visit Laurie’s web site, Cape Antique Shop, or the shop’s Facebook page.

People feel at home at Annie Laurie’s

“We create an atmosphere where people feel at home. We have coffee and cookies around. We remember our customers’ names and what they like,” she said. She’s started taking digital photos of customers and posting them on her Facebook page.

American Gothic style

Here was her Facebook comment under this photo: “Lovin’ old men in overalls. This cutie blushed a bit when I asked him if I could take his picture. I just wanted to squeeze his cheeks.

Recognized by Southern Living Magazine

Annie Laurie’s Antiques was featured as “a definite stop” in Southern Living Magazine’s Southern Antique Shops.

Laurie was written up in The Southeast Missourian’s 40 Under 40 column April 3, 2009.

Brian Blackwell interviewed her Sept. 28, 2009. He quoted her as saying, “You name it and I have done it. Snow cones, tanning salons, hostess, juvenile detention worker, internship at local police department, soldier, nonprofit organizer, veterinary assistant, office manager, university instructor [and] business owner, just to name a few.”

Annie Laurie’s Antiques Photo Gallery

Here are a selection of photos of Laurie and some of the things in her shop. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the photo to move through the gallery.

24 Replies to “Annie Laurie’s Laurie Ann”

  1. Ken, Great story as usual. I have on occasion visited Annie Laurie’s and look forward to the next time. Great pics!! Maybe Lila and I can go together on her next visit home.

  2. I really enjoyed this wonderful story of Laurie.. The next time I’m in Cape I want to go to her unique shop and look at everything. Also, I want to introduce my self as her father’s first cousin. John you did a great job as a father……

  3. Whenever I am in Cape I stop in Laurie’s store. There are many other antique shops in Cape, but the inventory at those other places gets a bit stale, but not at Laurie’s. And while it’s one thing to have a lot of stuff, it’ another thing to know what inventory you have on hand. I can walk in and ask either Laurie or Gail if they have what I am looking for and 9 out of 10 tens they take me right to it. There are real treasures at Laurie’s shop to be had and no garage sale junk. If you are going through Cape, Laurie’s shop is a must if you like collectables.

  4. I have benefited so much from Sis owning an antique shop, from her Dad giving her his “stuff” to her bringing me things from her website that she has posted that I said I was interested in….she is an amazing MOTHER….WIFE…DAUGHTER….and BUSINESS WOMAN, among other things, also she is a great friend! And if I could get past wanting to be with her, Rock and Flee, I might be able to search out her store a little more….it’s amazing….she watch her post from her website or facebook and you will get a clue of what she does and is………I love you Sis…..and thank you so much for this Ken…wonderful article!!!!!

  5. I have to say in the “kid” photo that Lila shot….they are missing two of Laurie’s brohers….Drew and Wyatt….they are the late bloomers of the bunch, but they love their Sis so!!

  6. Wow, Kenny thanks so much. I happen to love what I do and it gives me great pleasure to be able to get to know my customers everyday. I enjoy pushing the envelope and getting people to look outside their comfort zones. Thank you so much for featuring me in amazing works of art.

  7. Ok…John Perry, Laurie’s Dad & your brother-in-law was my brother Terry’s good friend as teens & spent alot of time at our house in Scott City with him. He instantly became a member of the family, a brother, when Terry was in intensive care, with family only visitors for 5 min.- 4 times a day! He kept vigil with us & taught me about duck hunting…”don’t shoot the leaders in the V-formation”, young & muscled nor the ones trailing in the end, “old & tough”, aim for those in the middle! I have adapted this theory in many aspects of my life…thank you John! John also learned a thing or two at my house, don’t feed Ming Toy hot peppers…he will be your enemy for life & put a hole or two in your steel toed boots!

    Fast forward many years & my #3 child & #2 son was Laurie’s ringbearing escort in the Mark Foeste/Julie Welch wedding…Mark is my husband’s sister’s son & Julie is the daughter of a neighbor boy & friend in Koch Addition before I was born…the world really is small & fb makes it even smaller….tell John hello …my favorite of Terry’s friends & dedicated friend to us all when it meant so much!!!

    Libby Parker Koch

  8. Oh, yes & congrats to Laurie on her success at Annie Laurie’s…I have a history there also, but haven’t visited since she bought it. I will make it a point to stop by & say hello again to the beautiful girl with the big eyes & favorite daughter of one of my fav’s from the past!

  9. Great story and beautiful pictures! My daughter Carrie Robert is a friends of Lauries and has spoken of her often. I have yet to meet her but will go in the store one day soon and introduce myself. Have an election to get through first!!

  10. Small world . . . One really has to watch what they say when living in a small town because everyone seems to be “kin” or friends. Nice to know that Laurie is your niece, Ken. I love going into her antique shope. The old building is as interesting as her antiques. I could browse in antique shops for a week and never get tired of it. Love watching “American Pickers”. Next time I go into Annie Laurie’s, the visit will be a little more personal knowing that she is your niece. Thanks for the story and great tour. AND, LAURIE, THANKS FOR SERVICING OUR COUNTRY. SEMPER FI!

  11. Congratulations to Laurie for being recognized by the SEMO Center for Entrepreneurship this morning at the Chamber of Commerce First Friday Coffee. She was recognized for her business plan. I am sure there will be mention of it later in the SEMissourian.

  12. Congrats indeed Laurie. Love to come to your shop!!! Love it even better when I’m there with your Aunt Lila!!! Looking forward to seeing a write up in the Southeast Missourian.

  13. When I was at Cape Girardeau, I visited Annie Laurie’s regularly. Now that I come back to China, that terrific experience always reminds me the unforgettable life in Cape. I took some antiques back to China, and they are right at my house. I enjoy them very much. I pride myself when I introduce them to my friends. I never trade them for anything else, for they involve my deep feelings to Cape Girardeau.


  15. I was stationed in Kitzingen also at Larson Barracks. I am from and live near Winter Garden, FL. Someday maybe I’ll stop by. I love antique stores.

  16. I am John , Laurie’s dad. I have got to be the proudest man in the world to have a daughter like Laurie Anne , my baby girl. She has done everything that she set her mind on doing , and did it well. I have thought all my children as well as I know how , to be the best at everything they do, no matter what and to never quit. Quitters never win , she has proven that many times. I love you baby girl. Continue to make me proud. I love you

    1. John, You have every right to be proud of your daughter. She had done a lot to revitalize Broadway in Cape. I’m looking forward to eating in her new restaurant. It will be a nice anchor for that end of Main Street.

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