Cup ‘N’ Cork

I shot this late in the day when the afternoon sun added warmth to the bricks and ironwork.The Cup ‘N’ Cork is located at 46 North Main Street, at the corner of Main and Themis. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

Cup ‘N’ Cork is THE place to meet

I’ve been in the Cup ‘N’ Cork at least a dozen times, including when I met Pat Sommers and Terry Hopkins there last fall. Way back in the background you can see a fellow wearing black and purple. That’s Gary Rust thinking Big Thoughts or doing whatever newspaper moguls do. In contrast, that’s Terry in the foreground.

It’s getting to be one of THE downtown meeting places. When I’ve asked folks where they want to get together, that’s one of the most-often suggested locations. The food is good, the pie is great and the wait staff and owners are friendly.

I guess I’ll have to stop thinking about eating and talking on my next visit so I can shoot the interior.

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  1. Well there I am in living color…I do look like an old white guy don’t I. Well as for seeing me in pictures with a babe of one arm or many two…maybe I am getting old and don’t remember any pictures with babe’s on my arms or arm for that matter..but if Jane wants to think that, well I am flattered beyond mere words…
    Note to Ken…Dude you only got two comments on my picture an about a hundred on Pat Summer’s…I think your readers have spoken…less Terry and MORE Pat in a suit and tie…
    I am in Chicago now at the NATO meeting, but will be in Cape Thursday for lunch!

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