Colorful Fairs

Color fairThe Southeast Missouri District Fair is in progress right now, so it is appropriate that I stumbled across these two color frames from a fair or carnival.

The only catch is that I don’t know for sure where they were taken. The slides were in the middle of some Cape negatives from the early 1960s, so I’m going to guess they were from the SEMO Fair.

They all run together

Night fair photosAfter you’ve shot midways for four decades in four states (more if you count bordering states in our circulation areas), they all start to blur together. Click on the photos to make them larger.

Here are some earlier stories and photos:

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  1. ALIVE … Its ALL ALIVE…I can still hear the barker in my ear as plain as if was when I was age 10. So, when you went inside the tent and saw the two headed baby in a jar, and the two headed snake in jar, somehow from that moment in time forward I was a changed boy or man.

    I do remember the two headed calf that was real, but that was a local guy from Jackson and it was alive and seemed to pretty happy, at least for two headed calf.

    The fair is in Cape today and somehow I did not find the time to go again this year.

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