Mother Covers SEMO Fair

I had some old scans of the Southeast Missouri District Fair that I was going to post, but then I opened my email to find that Mother had been out to see this year’s fair being set up. She shot these with her Kodak digital camera and uploaded them from her iPad. Not too shabby for somebody who’s going to turn 90 next month. I think she did it all without leaving her car.

More colorful than in 1964

Looks like the fair is a lot more colorful than the old days when we lived in a black and white world.

Photo gallery of 2011 SEMO District Fair

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to move through the gallery.

16 Replies to “Mother Covers SEMO Fair”

  1. Your mother is a super person. How many people in there 60’s can handle a digital camera and I-function? She puts a lot of people to shame!!

  2. Haven’t been to the Cape Fair for years but this brought back memories of when I did go!Used to love to ride on most all the rides but now I go for the food! ha! I see the Funnel Cake stand there and now the Ferris Wheel is more my speed.Good shots!

  3. Is there rain in the forecast for fair week? The fair wouldn’t be complete without sloshing through the midway.
    Great photos bring back wonderful memories.

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos and what a lovely day it must have been…. Good for you, Mrs. S.

    Phyllis, Mrs. Steinhoff is 89 – not in her 60’s. 🙂

  5. Yes, your mom did a great job. I like her choice of subjects – food is always high on my list.
    I will miss the fair this year, but I have my dad on point to check for the Malone’s Taffy Stand. He has come through with box for me every year that I haven’t been able to make it. Malone’s is just one of those things that can’t be beat. One thing that I miss most are Popp’s Pig-in-a-Blanket. Malone’s and Popp’s used to sit side by side, or in very close proximity to each other on the west side across from the Arena Building.

  6. I know she is well past 60’s. I was thinking of some of the younger “olders” who are technically challenged and who are not willing to take on technology at all. I know a few and have worked with some of them. I admire her taking on all the technology and keeping up with the times!!

    1. “Well past 60s?”

      Mother can’t SEE the 60s unless she puts on her glasses. She’ll be 90 Oct. 17.

      (Actually, since she had her eyes operated on a couple of years ago, her eyesight is excellent. Her hearing is WAY too good sometimes, too.)

  7. I suspect what Phyllis meant was that some of us in our 60’s can’t do as well as your mother. Guilty. I can take photos, but lack uploading skills.

    Wish your mother of nearly 90 could teach my 96-year-old mother some technology skills. I have tried and failed. Can’t really complain; she is doing great.

    I do miss the SEMO fair. When you are next in Cape, please give your mom a hug and a high-five from me as thanks for sharing.

  8. I remember the harness racing at the fair. My grandpa who was a farmer loved the races and would let me tag along in the early 1950’s. We would go to the fair on Thursday afternoons as that was “county day” when the schools in the county would dismiss at noon so we could go to the fair. Grandpa dearly loved going to the fair as he was very interested in the cattle and all of the new farm equipment on display. That was the one day during the week he wore his brand new overalls just in case he met someone he knew which he always did.

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