TWA before the TSA

Unknown Airport

I’m scratching my head trying to figure out where this airport was located. It was in a different era, for sure. (You can click on the photo to make it larger.)

  • There are no fancy jetways to protect you from the elements.
  • Most of the men are wearing ties, if not coats.
  • Passengers are wandering around the tarmac.
  • The observation deck is filled with spectators.

“Indian” something

Unknown AirportWhen I blew up the tower (let’s rephrase that – When I enlarged the tower…), it looks like the word “Indian” is written on its side. It might be that part of the sign is cut off by the TWA terminal. I wonder if it says Indianapolis?

The photo was taken on March 27, 1967, but I can’t remember taking any trips involving flying around then. I made a trip out to see Jim Stone at Ohio University over spring break before transferring there in the fall, but I usually went to Athens by car or train.

I attended a National Press Photographers Association Flying Short Course in Peoria when I was still in Cape, but I distinctly remember taking the train to get there.

I didn’t start flying on a regular basis until the railroads killed off passenger service and the airlines started offering half-fare student standby tickets to hook a generation on air travel.


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  1. I used to fly Ozark all the time form DC-3’s to Folker Friendship F-27 to 727’s they used to be Great old airline. I remember Ms. Popocheck on my first flight as an 8 year old from Herrin to Cape telling me to crew HARD AND FAST ON the gun they gave me in flight, so my ears would pop going up and going down. Those were the days, you called them Stewardess and they liked it. This may be going into another story, so I will stop right here.

  2. The airport in question is Indianapolis, Ind.

    St.Louis had the same setup where a person could actually walk on top of the buildings where the aircraft pulled into the unloading area. Before TSA!

  3. Mary here – my 1st flight was from Lambert in St. Louis in 1959. We walked right out to the plane on the tarmac. Exciting time for a (now used) “Rising Freshman”.

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