2014 SEMO District Fair

SEMO District Fair 09-09-2014After covering the Cannonball run, I almost didn’t go to the fair Tuesday night. Then I looked at the 80% chance of rain Wednesday night. I have been to some rainy SEMO District Fairs, and I didn’t want to punch that ticket (literally) again.

While I was waiting to turn toward Arena Park, a number of fair announcements flashed up on the sign. One, I thought, said something about tickets being $40. “There better be a place to turn around, ’cause no fair is worth forty bucks,” I thought.

I got waved over to a parking place without having to reach for my wallet. That’s a good thing. I walked toward where all the action was and saw a sign that said $5. That’s more my speed. I got my five bucks worth before the evening was over.

 I concentrated on people

SEMO District Fair 09-09-2014There are some things I should mention: I feel guilty that I didn’t see the things off the midway that really make up a fair: the livestock, cooking contests, quilts and crafts …

Since I had a limited amount of time to spend, and because it was so late, I concentrated on the flash and trash of the midway food, rides and games of chance. I also spent more time taking photos of people than things.

I don’t do heartwarming much, but I really enjoyed what I presumed to be fathers and grandfathers enjoying their kids.

Older stories about fairs

Photo gallery of 2014 Fair

Sometimes you just have to get out of the way and let the photos tell the story. I’ve tried to group the gallery somewhat according to subject. That’s why you’ll find the potato booth together, rides together and games of chance together. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery.

Colorful Fairs

Color fairThe Southeast Missouri District Fair is in progress right now, so it is appropriate that I stumbled across these two color frames from a fair or carnival.

The only catch is that I don’t know for sure where they were taken. The slides were in the middle of some Cape negatives from the early 1960s, so I’m going to guess they were from the SEMO Fair.

They all run together

Night fair photosAfter you’ve shot midways for four decades in four states (more if you count bordering states in our circulation areas), they all start to blur together. Click on the photos to make them larger.

Here are some earlier stories and photos: