Trinity Lutheran School Cafeteria

Trinity Lutheran School cafeteria 02-13-1967I could have sworn The Missourian ran school menus, but I poked around for several weeks of old papers and couldn’t find them. I don’t have a lot of memories of the Trinity Lutheran School cafeteria. I managed to convince my parents to let me slip off the school grounds most days to eat at Wayne’s Grill.

The black and white photos were taken February 13, 1967.

Keep Sloppy Joes away from me

Trinity Lutheran School cafeteria 03-14-2010I had a weakness for Sloppy Joes, described in Wikipedia as “an American dish of ground beef, onions, sweetened tomato sauce or ketchup and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun.”

I was so fond of them, in fact, I kind overdid it one day just before going out to the playground. The resulting spewage spoiled the sandwich for me forever. It’s not quite as bad as my Dr. Herbert wooden stick phobia, but it ranks a close second.

This is what the cafeteria area looked like in 2010.

Trinity Lutheran School cafeteria photo gallery

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  1. Cafeteria…food…used in the same sentence? Well, I am now eating with my dad at senior citizens in Cape for Lunch most days. I am beginning to like it. It is only $3.00 so the price is right and the meal has meat, two vegies, a roll, dessert and a drink! So what is not to like…now this is from a kid who never ate a plate lunch in 6 years of grade school, I went home for lunch everyday. In 2 years of middle school I ate in the Hotdog line. In High school, well maybe, one or two times when they had that new meal called piazza for lunch I had a plate lunch.
    I was a Hall monitor so I could eat when I wanted. I would never eat a sloppy Joe home or cafeteria, never and I mean never….sloppie soggy beard and onion, yuck!

  2. These pictures really bring back old memories. I was in that line every day for eight years. The food at Trinity was good, I thought. The ladies who prepared it and served us were always so nice.

  3. I also enjoyed the food at Trinity from kindergarten through the eighth grade, and went back for seconds whenever I could! That’s where I got to like chili and peanut butter sandwiches.

  4. These pictures definitely bring back memories. I remember getting the occasional privilege of being the one that would go down to the cafeteria in the morning to get the mid-morning milk snack (I’ve forgotten what they called it) for the class. Yes, I remember eating in this cafeteria every day for lunch from 1st through 8th grade. I guess as 8th graders, we were allowed to go over to Dairy Queen once in a while for lunch. I think we had to have a note from a parent to do that, though.

    Thanks Ken!

  5. The three cooks pictured there are from left to right: Mrs. Koch (Doug and Gary’s mother) Mrs. Kasten and Mrs. Marie Bacon. All three are deceased.

  6. While at Franklin we used to go across the street to the little store and have hot dogs and soda. In junior high we used to one in a while go to the dairy queen or what ever it was on Independence St. In high school we would go to Pac-a-snak and get a large Pepsi for a dime and then go across the street to the Dixie Cream Donut and get a dozen day old donuts for a quarter. Sure would like to have some of them now.

  7. Now when I went to school…..This was a bowling alley. The cafeteria was across the hall which is now the computer lab. 7th and 8th graders used to work in the cafeteria scrapping dishes. The cook was Bessie Nagel. She was a fantastic cook. I don’t remember what we ate but my dad loved juicy burgers and wanted to market them in a can!!! Lo and behold!!! Bessie passed away about 6 years ago and her chickhen and dumplings and rolls linger in our fond memories. We ate at picnic tables covered with tin for easy cleaning.

  8. Darlene is correct. The north and south wings were opened in the fall of 1956. Prior to that the bowling alley was under the auditorium. The cafeteria was moved to the old bowling alley at that time. The cafeteria had been in the little room across the hall. I’m not sure how we all fit but that is where it was.

  9. Judy Peetz, What was Mrs. Kasten’s name? Do you know who her husband was? Thanks 🙂

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