Kentucky Traffic Safety Message

We cheated death once more. pulling into Cape in late afternoon. I tried to shoot a few frames of the Nashville skyline at the split, but decided that I didn’t want the last photo before (or during) the wreck to be of the Nashville skyline.

Kentucky reinforces safety message

Had I seen this memorial to Kentucky traffic fatalities BEFORE I got to Nashville, I might not have tried to shoot the skyline photo from a moving car. I pull into that rest area on almost every trip, but I don’t recall seeing the memorial before.


3 Replies to “Kentucky Traffic Safety Message”

  1. At least it looks like you got the Batman building in your picture. I love seeing that building at night. We often go from Brentwood to Hendersonville to visit my nephew and his family and it’s always at night. My brother-in-law drives so I can check out the scenery.

  2. Cool shot…I always think I am almost in Cape when I am in Nashville…did you get and picutures of Kentucky Lake? And this is the BATMAN building…I thought I was onthe only one who called it that…now I have to find out what it really is named.

  3. As a “Nashvillian” (well, actually Hendersonvillian) since 2005, we have always heard it referred to as the the batman building…its actally the AT&T building (formerly the Bell South building). Glad you survived the photo op Ken!

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