Notre Dame Highlites

Notre Dame Highlites Queen Crowning c 1966You’re on your own on this one. The negative sleeve said “Notre Dame Highlites Queen Crowning,” but it didn’t have a date, so I couldn’t find it in The Missourian to get more information.

Photo gallery of queen crowning

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Images for Easter

Bald Knob Cross near Alto Pass, Ill. taken in the late 1960sSeeing all of the religious pictures on Facebook this week go me to thinking of how many photos of crosses I have taken in the area over the years. Here are just a few, with links to the original stories. You may click on any photo to make it larger.  This is an aerial of the Bald Knob Cross taken not long after it was built.

Egypt Mills Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church in Egypt Mills 04-20-2011Egypt Mills Trinity Lutheran Church steeple.

Joseph Putz Grave

Joseph Putz grave St Johns Lutheran Church Pocahontas 04-19-2011Joseph Putz’s metal grave marker in the St. John’s Lutheran Church cemetery in Pocahontas.

High Hill Church

High Hill Church and Cemetery on CR 535 north of Neely's Landing 10-30-2011This simple church sits high on a ridge north of Neely’s Landing.

“Judas got a raw deal”

Kenneth Saunders of the Church of Judas walks through Cape 07-16-1965Kenneth Saunders walked more than 4,000 miles to deliver the message that “Judas got a raw deal.”

Trinity Lutheran Church at dusk

Trinity Lutheran Church steeple at sunset 11-16-2011I was walking back to my car after shooting another photo when I spotted Trinity Lutheran Church at dusk.

Cape LaCroix Creek marker

Cape La Croix Creek Cross 04-21-2011This concrete cross has a plaque: “In 1699, Fathers Montigny, Davion and St. Cosme, French missionaries, erected a cross where this stream entered the Mississippi and prayed that this might be the beginning of Christianity among the Indians. The stream has ever since been known as Cape La Croix Creek.” The cross, which had been at the intersection of Kingshighway and Kingsway from 1947 to 2009, when it was moved so a commercial building could be built on the site. Ironically, the marker has never been located close to where the Mississippi River and Cape LaCroix Creek intersect.

Dutchtown cemetery

Cemetery on top hill in Dutchtown 10-27-2011This cross is in a tiny cemetery located on a high ridge overlooking the ever-diminishing Dutchtown.

Nelsonville cross on a hill

Nelsonville 02-24-2013I spotted this cross in Nelsonville, Ohio, on my recent trip back to Ohio University.

Modern-art cross

Old Notre Dame High School 11-25-2011At first glance, I thought the front of the old Notre Dame High School had been covered with graffiti.

Tower of Memories

Cape County Memorial Park Cemetery Tower of Memories 11-05-2010Newspaper accounts said the 57-foot tall, 16′ x 16′ Tower of Memories at the Cape County Memorial Park Cemetery would have three stories: the bottom floor would contain an office and the second and third floors would house the Celesta-Vox, touted as “The Voice from the Heavens.”

St. Vincent’s at sunset

St. Vincent's Church at sunset 07-03-2012I was hoping to shoot the full moon and fireworks when St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church caught my eye.

St. Eisleben Lutheran Church

Eisleben Lutheran Church Scott City 10-16-2011The St. Eisleben Lutheran Church in Scott City has one of the most unusual steeples I’ve seen.

Altenburg Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church Altenburg MoAn “inland hurricane” took the steeple off the Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg, but you could never tell it today when you look at the 1867 structure..


Brigadoon Part II

Lasura Todt in Notre Dame High School play 03-28-1967I should have flipped through a few more envelopes before posting the story about Notre Dame High School’s production of Brigadoon in 1967. I not only found more pictures, but I stumbled across the story about the play in The Missourian.

Laura Todt, who was in the photo gallery in that story, did all the choreography for the production, cast the dancers, taught them the numbers and directed the dancing. The April 5, 1967, Missourian story said Laura is performing the Funeral Dance in this picture.

Did Sound of Music Choreography as a junior

Notre Dame High School play 03-28-1967Laura, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Todt, 523 Minnesota, did all the choreography for The Sound of Music the previous year. Sister Rose Michelle, director of speech and drama at Notre Dame, said “We selected Brigadoon rather on purpose for Laura. Since this is her senior year and we feel she has such talent, we thought we’d give her this chance.”

She had to cast a total of 83 dancers for eight numbers. You can read the first part of The Missourian story, but the jump was filmed sideways and part of the left side of the column is unreadable.

Lead roles were shared

Notre Dame High School play 03-28-1967The story said Judy Essner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Essner, and David Scherer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Scherer would play the leading roles on Friday and Sunday nights. Gretchen Hill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hill Jr., and Richard Graham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frank Graham would be on the stage opening night and Saturday.

Brigadoon photo gallery

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1967 Notre Dame Play

The negative sleeve said Notre Dame Play 02-28-1967, then the 02 was overwritten to read 03-28-1967. The Missourian’s Google Archive has big holes in it for the weeks around both dates, so I’m going to have to guess this is a production of Brigadoon. Whatever it is, there is lots of cavorting going on, seemingly to music. One thing that is readily apparent is that not every male is made for a kilt.

Photo gallery of Notre Dame play

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