1967 Notre Dame Play

The negative sleeve said Notre Dame Play 02-28-1967, then the 02 was overwritten to read 03-28-1967. The Missourian’s Google Archive has big holes in it for the weeks around both dates, so I’m going to have to guess this is a production of Brigadoon. Whatever it is, there is lots of cavorting going on, seemingly to music. One thing that is readily apparent is that not every male is made for a kilt.

Photo gallery of Notre Dame play

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery. Chime in if you recognize anyone.

2 Replies to “1967 Notre Dame Play”

  1. Bill Withers and I went to this play. We were dating girls in it at the time. We left at intermission and met(coincidence) my current wife, Barbara, and her friend Kris House and rode around with them for the rest of the night. Barbara had her brothers convertible. Shortly afterward Barbara and I began dating and now 45 years later we’re still happily married. If the play had been better we may have never gotten together.

  2. Russ how can you sleep at night!
    You went to see the play with Bill because you were dating a lady in the play. You dump her and the play at intermission and go riding around in a converiable with Barbara, Bill and Kris House all night. Then you marry Barbara and live happily ever after…
    I am proud of you!

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