Rush H. Limbaugh Courthouse and Trinity Lutheran Church

On my way back to the car after shooting the new Shivelbines Music sign, I noticed the Rush H. Limbaugh Sr. (no, not THAT Rush, his grandfather) Federal Building all lit up. I braced myself  against the back wall of Bob’s Shoe Service and took several long exposures. The shutter was open half a second, which was long enough for a passing car’s lights to register as a blur.

If you click on the image to make it larger, you might see some tiny red spots (if I missed taking them out) that are “noise” from the low light level and the 1600 ISO.

Trinity Lutheran Church

MY Trinity Lutheran Church was torn down to erect this one, but I have to admit the steeple looks neat in the sunset.

This, too, was a fairly long exposure, .4 seconds. I underexposed the frame by one stop to keep from burning up the lighted clock and to make the sky more dramatic. I had a circular polarizing filter on the lens, but it had little, if any effect on the picture.

Brother Mark and I photographed the inside of the bell tower before the old church was torn down.

I like fooling around with night scenes, but I’m making a note to myself to do them before the weather starts turning cold.

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  1. These pictures are absolutely my favorites by far Ken. A little late for Halloween, but they would have done it justice for sure.

  2. Ken, I don’t understand most of your camera explanations of how you do it, (glad you do) but these are really great shots!

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