Notre Dame Highlites

Notre Dame Highlites Queen Crowning c 1966You’re on your own on this one. The negative sleeve said “Notre Dame Highlites Queen Crowning,” but it didn’t have a date, so I couldn’t find it in The Missourian to get more information.

Photo gallery of queen crowning

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the sides to move through the gallery.

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  1. In the first photo the boy on the far right is Ken Westrich of Kelso, MO. The girl standing to the left of the queen and also crowning the queen in the last photo is Vicki Maurer. She and Ken have been married many years! I’ll forward this post to my relatives who were classmates of these people and see if we can get more names.

  2. It appears to be the senior class of 1967.
    The large photo of all on the left – Laura Todt with Robert Bayer, ? with Richard Graham, Patrick Bucek(?) and Kenny Westrich on the right. Some are siblings of my class.

  3. Jeff, Yes, Vicki Maurer is the oldest sister of Ron, Don, and Jim Maurer. There is another set of twins in the family, older sisters of Ron and Don. Their names are Diane and Joanne, but they
    go by Didi and Jodi. Good people!

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